Woke Fascist Melbourne

Daniel Andrews & his Labor Party have to go

As if the news out of Melbourne regarding the bill that this obscene government (along with the farcical Green Party) is trying to pass so as nobody can challenge anything to do with the Pharmaceutical funded Transgender religion is not bad enough, late today I discover that once again Melbourne is being gaslit by the COVID demon which maybe I'm not alone anymore in thinking is also a Pharmaceutical production.

Melbourne is probably the most Irish city in Australasia. Let's hope a little Ned Kelly rebellion rears its head now as this has gone way past ridiculous.

And one suspects that Andrews has destroyed the Australian Open for good in Melbourne. I guess that's a wait and see what happens next year, but I think another Australian city might just grab this tournament from Melbourne. It is hard not to think that a lot of the tennis players won't be able to stomach a return to the city and especially if Andrews is still Premier next year. I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see Spain for example strongly suggest to their players that they should not go. And this would be completely justified.

Melbourne doesn't have a COVID problem, it has an Andrews problem. It has a corrupt Labor Party problem. And a supportive and equally corrupt Green Party problem.

It is unfortunately likely that the above gender nonsense bill will pass the current Victorian Soviet and more teenagers will be removed from their parents for sterilization. Victoria is a fascist police state. And no, I'm not exaggerating. Don't go there.

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