Where did Sunil Williams disappear to?

Subtitle: it's like he got turned into a heap of ash or something?

The strange thing about Sunil was that he hung out with early members of the “Trans Women are women” (TWAW) club, did, or redid, the websites for Renee Gerlich (not TWAW) and Julie Anne Genter (TWAW) and just generally pretended to be on the side of gender critical women (i.e. not TWAW). We (me and him) were never online friends. I have no idea why as I'm quite likeable really.

His online profile, which was elusive, was just bonkers.

And he was also prone to a little (attempted) manipulation when required.

I wonder if @BenjaminAsh11 knows where he's gone?

And wtf has happened to Renee Gerlich?

#politics #feminism #feminismforwoke #transgender

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