Well aren't you privileged “Ben”.

NZ has the Pharmaceutical funded self identification bill on the agenda for this year. It will of course, like Victoria, be wrapped up in a 'no gay conversion' cloak, which is totally absurd as cutting genitals and breasts off physically healthy people is the most obscene type of conversion.

The best thing that you could do to stop this bill in its tracks is to take your opposition to your local MP. In my experience MPs tend not to know what's going on in regards to this issue. My own MP is in this category (and a few other categories if I was to be unkind but this is just not my style).

To rely on the SUFW group* in NZ to do this for you is asking for failure, even if most of its members are genuinely concerned with bills like this. We all need to be active on it.

So please take your opposition to your local MP off your own bat. Organize a meeting with them, take a friend if needed. Make sure that you know what you're going to cover in your meeting with them. It helps to realize that most of them tend to think that they're being progressive in agreeing to attend to this issue on behalf of Big Pharma and don't realize that they've been gamed into supporting a 21st Century version of the homophobia that their parents generation dealt to. The occasional MP is not along these lines so best to do your homework. I for example would place Chris Hipkins and Andrew Little in the latter category, it is my view that they're not trying to be progressive.

Discussing this issue and expressing your concerns on this issue to your MP is the best way to stop this bill from becoming an Act of Parliament and thereby becoming law.

But if you want more reasons why you should do so, see below dialogue between two SUFW members (or maybe 'associate' in “Ben”'s case) and Daniel Johnston in his 'appropriating female' character aka the execrable @CateSpice who very regularly calls out and bullies women online. As well as trying the same on others of us who are not women.

My guess is his lawyer has told him about 'clean hands'. But it's too late to lock up your account now Daniel. Anyway let Ben speak I hear you say!

Am I supposed to take this preceding dialogue as genuine, “Ben”. Really?

You have to be joking.

And where's the rat, lesbian Jenny?

And no, Daniel, 'deadnaming' doesn't exist and as you've recently noticed yourself, you're Daniel Johnston wherever it matters (you dick).

And yes Astroturf Jenny the 'gritting' comment didn't fly by me either.


.* an inappropriate acronym if there ever was one, shaddup your face.

Update 2021.02.12: It seems that Jenny might not be a member of SUFW. My apologies to SUFW if that is the case.

#politics #gender

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