Update & outline of main policies.

Richard Seager for Mayor and Council of the Dunedin City Council (DCC)

Some issues with the software here at the moment. I don't want to have to redo everything so first new update will probably be tomorrow, Saturday 21st September.

My focus is climate change adaption & resilience with a focus on small business, local farming and the finances of the DCC which look to me to be in a pretty unhealthy state;

I suggest that even if you don't support me that you should not vote David Benson-Pope, Chris Staynes and Aaron Hawkins back to council. The city needs a vibrant democracy as we move forward towards a future that has many risks and in my view these three have clearly shown an inability to operate in such a democratic environment. They've also been there too long (Benson-Pope and Staynes) or are inexperienced (Hawkins who went straight from University to Council). They're also a 'team' and are making poor decisions (i.e. Harbourside, five star hotels).

A council led by me will also focus on other cities in the Pacific Rim rather than just Shanghai, and building relationships with these places. I have strong connections to Australia and elsewhere so this will definitely be part of my agenda. I will also focus on building better relationships with our immediate neighbours, Southland (the most underrated province in New Zealand) and Canterbury.

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