The Green MPs and planes

Subtitle: do as I say not as I do

The two Green co-leaders, Marama Davidson (pointing in the photo) and James Shaw (the only male* in the photo) fly into New Plymouth to talk to Taranaki principals who are understandably livid about the 11.7 million dollars granted to the Green School con. So do they drive in their electric car from Wellington (4.5 hours) or from Auckland (slightly less than 4.5 hours). Not on your nelly. They fly of course which is the most unsustainable way, in regard to CO2 emissions, of getting to New Plymouth. It would also mean 30 minutes to the airport, 45 minutes at least in Departures & 20 minutes at arrivals, plus the time taken to get to the actual destination. Plus an hour in the air. Hopefully no delays. How long? Yes you guessed it, at least 4.5 hours.

Green MPs should not be allowed to fly by air in the North Island which is where they're all based. In fact a decent arrangement for the whole country should be no flights between two airports on the same island, until, or if, we have sustainable air transport.

God I hate these Greens.

Green MPs land at regional airport. Marama goes, is that Mount Taranaki, I've never been here before

.* adult human male.

#GreenPartyNZ #politics #climatechange

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