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Subtitle: Which is being repeated all over the world courtesy of the Green Parties especially, but in Scotland it's by the Scottish National Party

#politics #greenpartyNZ #TRA #NAH

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Subtitle: Soon to be renamed Andrewsgrad

It has come to my attention that Melbourne is part of the Strong Cities Network although officially it's Victoria (so I guess Shepparton, Mildura & Geelong etc are included). This does not look good, to say the least, and it's also a terrible name. Daniel Andrews has some questions to answer. Someone should check his bank account basically. And I wonder if the City of Melbourne (a separate political entity) actually approves considering that it looks like it's an Andrew's initiative (he being the Premier of the State of Victoria which includes Melbourne).

Link is to version so as you don't leave your tracks on the actual website as coming from here.*/

This needs more investigation, as does the claim that Christchurch was/is also part of this 'network'.

Some more investigation
The website is on the same IP as /mensrightslaw . com/ which comes as a real shock to me (ROTFLMAO).

Maybe what is a little more surprising is that its original IP address from 2016 is now home (exclusively, i.e. only one domain on the IP) to /muslims. org/ .

It's a very corrupt world.

#politics #soundsfascist #MRA #TRA

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