Climate Issues by Rich Seager


A series of slides I did on South Dunedin in 2016. I will probably keep trying to fix this so that it's more responsive.

South Dunedin is very prone to Sea Level Rise, it was built on former marsh and lagoon, a lot of the material used to fill in these geographic features were industrial waste and it's its beaches can be breached in various places. It has been a problem since the 19th Century but with Sea Level Rise now over 3mm a year it is likely that the only long-term (which may in fact be sooner than we'd like) solution is retreat.

Clare Curran will be gone soon, which is good in relation to this issue. South Dunedin needs to have a sea level rise focused M.P. so as the disruption is in as orderly fashion as possible with central government support quite obviously a necessary key component.












It's just a simple slideshow. CSS only, no javascript.

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Is a very diverse place. Definitely the most diverse of Dunedin's suburbs and probably (without checking up there with the most diverse suburbs in New Zealand. The following photos indicate that as this is what the retail area of South Dunedin looks like.

Some though still seem to conceive it as a white working class area from the 1970s that it possibly never was anyway. I have some personal experience of this perception so I know that it can be true even here in Dunedin.

A local school (not too far from the above outlets).

So you get the picture, there's a large group of retired people here too. And although the suburb is one of the poorest in New Zealand there is over near the beach a reasonably affluent quarter as well. It's pretty diverse basically.

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More interesting discussion. I must admit that I don't really like the format of these meetings, I prefer combat rather than talking oneself up.

There were 15 mayoral candidates at this one. The 14 official ones and one of the comperes (a fan of waging war on the ocean and climate change believers). There was also Stuart from GNS who asked a question at the end of all of us that I should have thrown back at him. I need to wake up, start treating these guys as they do me, the enemy.

Each meeting I'm reordering who one can work with and who one cannot work with. In reality there's only a few in the latter group and it does not include Vandervis. Finn Campbell is also ok and he should be on council as 'youth' vote.

I stumbled a few times but was told I was better as it went on. I stated the truth, that you cannot fight sea level rise. I still need to work on confidence.

Clare Curran was there. I said hello but shouldn't have bothered. As above.

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