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This is a great version of the Brian Jones classic (yes Jones) from the 60s.

Jordan Luck and some Kaipara College students.

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A song for Jules Radich, who referenced Nelson Mandela on his OAR interview.

The South African Embassy in Trafalgar square always used to have people protesting outside it back in the 80s due mostly to Mandela's popularity in left wing circles and the South Africa apartheid governments intransigence on his release. It was far more political in Europe back in the 80s, feminism, workers rights and racism were the main issues that I remember. As well as the poll tax riots and CND protests outside the American military bases. Thatcher, and much of the right of course didn't take too much to Mandela until after apartheid collapsed. If they had of, such songs as this one would never have needed to have been.

I wasn't asked who my real life hero was at Opoho (Phillip tended to miss some questions of all of us on occasion). I wasn't even sure who I was going to say at the time as I don't really believe in 'heros' as such but it probably would have been Chomsky for being so on song for so long despite the flak that he's had to put up with over the years. My wife certainly expected that was who I was going to mention and he was first to mind. Others might have been Magdalen Berns who died only a few days ago or the Suffragettes who were sometimes rather novel in their protest methods. But my focus changes often and I think 'respect' might have been a better question rather than 'hero'. Michael Joseph Savage and John A. Lee would be two from New Zealand a social reformer from Melbourne and a radical firebrand from Otago.... One remembered with fondness and the other somewhat forgotten despite the fact that the policies of Savage were often actually Lee's. But left wing politics these days is very much an identity parade. I can't even.

The fire today on Signal hill was arson by most accounts. There was much wind and sun today, so it did take off. Later tonight at Waitati there seemed much support for harnessing these two forces of nature, rather than just releasing them.

And as Peter from Waitati said tonight, we're one people now, no matter where we originally came or come from. Climate change is something that we can only do together in as he said 'the same waka'. After 180 or more years together it would be hard to separate us anyway. And we should not try to. I can remember being quite upset when Eva Rickard died, and I never went on a march with her. But I certainly grew up with her, and both of us were/are from the Waikato. Plus who is we exactly? We have mosques and temples as well as churches and maraes these days.

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Time for some more music. These guys are good, from Canada.


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This was a bit of a hit back in the 90s in Finland. There's a disco version of it around somewhere as well. It's great, have a listen.


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это хорошо, да?

Translation – Otava Yoh (the Band) – oh Dusya, oh Marusya (Cossack folk song/dance)


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I love this song. It's probably one of the darkest songs ever written.

But no way is this a Jagger/Richards song.

Like most of the Rolling Stone's hits from this era it has Brian Jones written all over it. One of the, or maybe just the, world's greatest rock musician(s) and songwriter(s).

“It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue I could not foresee this thing happening to you If I look hard enough into the setting sun My love will laugh with me before the morning comes”

Love those last two lines. Jagger & Richards still havn't figured out what they mean. Their idiocy it seems is in equal measure to their thieving.

Keith Richards – “Brian Jones wrote Paint it Black, dig?”

P.S. I must have been thinking of the colour of oil...

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Updated 8th August, 2019

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I saw somewhere (must try and fish it out) that Allen Klein basically arranged the first meeting of Lennon & Ono. Klein was also in negotiations with David Geffen, Lennon's manager at his death, within a week of Lennon's death. Lennon had fallen out with Klein in the mid 70s and like George Harrison before* had written a song about Klein ('Steel and Glass' with a lyrical reference back to his earlier 'How Do You Sleep'). The photo below is supposedly after this falling out.

This NYT story mentions that Klein died on Saturday. But July 4th 2009 was a Saturday, so he died on the same day as this story which is pretty impressive in itself (a look at the print version may be more illuminating). Tom Keylock had died the day earlier on the 3rd July 2009 in London (he had worked for Klein in both England and the States). Both should have been questioned after Brian Jones' death who had of course died exactly 40 years previously on either the 2nd or 3rd July 1969. Undoubtedly by the hands of others, Keylock and Klein both prime suspects.

Jim Morrison was another who died on the 2/3 July this time in Paris and two years after Jones in 1971. Dead possibly at the hands of Marianne Faithful's partner at the time, a Parisian drug dealer.

One could also mention Sam Cooke as well (as the NYT has here) as many suspect that Klein had a role in his murder. He certainly did very well out of it.

* 'Beware the Darkness' which is allegedly a reference to Brian Jones' death.

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After talking to my host and having my suspicions confirmed I’ve decided to make a few changes. The main part of this blog is going to migrate beyond NZ borders so that discussion of gender critical issues can be done without, or at least with less, fear of censorship. Greer, Dworkin & others writings along those lines are very topical right now and I/we have no wish to be shut down by increasingly authoritarian forces on this issue. But that's elsewhere (go looking). So this site will now concentrate on climate change issues although it will of necessity occasionally wander into political areas including gender critical themes. But it's not going to give any space for authoritarian chappies to report it.

This site has also been moved so that we can use writefreely as wordpress is part of that authoritarian crackdown.

WordPress shuts down several feminist blogs without warning.

So some old links won't work. Others I will attempt to fix in the next few days. is not as yet an open source host, but for now it is convenient. But the blog software is open source and if there were any problems we'd just move hosts. It interacts well with Mastodon which, although not perfect, is a kind of twitter alternative and opensource and distributed. This all means that it's all a little more resilient than wordpress on a host in a country that you're living in with a domain name that is subject to the local domain name registrar and a democracy that is under siege.

According to reddit there is a feminist attempt at writing some social media software by women (as in XX). If it comes to fruition and is suitable for us we may look at moving to that.

If you're of a similar mind and want to write about climate issues, please contact me* and we may be able to add you here.

* in your email program remove the XXX at the end of

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P.S. Rangi, you're on the wrong side

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Yes it’s a song from the Rolling Stones Satanic Majesties album from 1967. Brian Jones being tasked with saving it from oblivion. Brian Jones is all over this album and boy doesn’t Keith Richards know saying of it in comparison to Sgt Pepper. “Oh, if you can make a load of shit, so can we.” Personally I don’t doubt Richards on this one as the post 69s Stones have done so regularly. But Satanic Majesties is great in a very 1967 kind of way and does in fact have several very good songs on it. The worst Stones albums are all post Brian Jones. And yes I know that 1967 was 52 years ago today. Read on.

Brian Jones is also on Sgt Pepper of course, as are Richards & Jagger who all guested on ‘A Day In The Life’. Jones in fact was quite friendly with the Beatles and there were rumours that he intended to start a new band with, amongst others, John Lennon. I can just imagine how the establishments of both Britain and the United States would have handled a band that included these two along with Hendrix, Joplin and Steve Marriot. In fact rumours suggest that this band was in the making, although I’ve added Joplin because I think that would have rounded out the above band perfectly. Every single one of these musicians died young. And not one of them did so without suspicion of the form of their deaths.

The first to die was Brian Jones allegedly drowned in his pool at Cotchford Farm late in the evening of 3rd July 1969. Maybe his challenges to the establishments of the two countries, especially Britain’s, meant that his death on this day 50 years ago was not investigated at all. The fact remains that in all likelihood he was murdered. And the chief suspects, which include his bandmates Jagger and Richards as well as his former manager Allen Klein along with Tom Keylock, who had been tasked by Klein* with ‘managing’ Jones ‘on site’, were never questioned. Keylock’s brother was a high ranking officer at Scotland Yard at the time and is believed to have overruled the local cops who thought something underhand had happened at Cotchford Farm that night.

Both Klein and Keylock are now dead, having died within days of each other in 2009, in Keylock’s case on the exact same day as Brian Jones 40 years previous. Despite this strange coincidence and the fact that these two suspects are no longer with us it is my view that this case could still be prosecuted. And it should be.

Credit: Ethan Russel. Brian Jones at Cotchford Farm in June 1969 shortly before his death.

Some discussion of Jagger & Richards merciless bullying of Jones over several years, and their theft of his music (which is a lot more extensive than Ruby Tuesday, Lady Jane and We Love You), is here.

* Jones had left the Stones the month before. Keylock though was at Cotchford Farm the night of Jones’ death, so Klein was still in the picture.

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