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Subtitle: Scion of an East Coast farming dynasty has a Dayan Qigong stepping mother.

Cynthia Shaw

And you thought the craziness had disappeared with the corporate takeover of the Green Party? And yes it is relevant because James and his wife were still living with his mum and wife until a few years ago, and may still be (albeit the house at Te Aro was sold, for 1.6m, in 2018).

And yes the Shaws are a well known farming dynasty halfway between Gisborne and Opotiki although James' father (I assume that it's father, but I guess it could be mother) seems to be from an Opotiki based division.

P.S. Dayan Qigong is claimed to be based on the movements of geese.

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Subtitle: Woke corporate new age, Steven Jack or Christof Melchizedek?

Various newsmedia in NZ/Aotearoa have been carrying the story on how a couple of con artists in the new age crystals space had a two day workshop at the Green School near Oakura in Taranaki. They've named them as Christof and Alaya Melchizedek. This is the photo most often used in association with these stories, from a youtube video;

But think this ends there? Not a hope in hell. This is his Twitter, ain't he having a lark?

But follow that link to which is now toast (but not to and you'll find this at the bottom of the contact page;

Contact Steve Jack Ltd?

Ok sure, Steve Jack what are you up to these days?

Capitalism has become such a con at every level of this complete farce of a system of 'organizing' the economy.

The heads of this capitalist 'system' need to be turfed out. And while you're doing that send this version of the Green Party to purgatory.

I wonder when the Green Parties overseas will see fit to disown themselves from these clowns that call themselves the NZ Green Party.

Now Steve just a hunch here but did you have anything to do with a raid on David Jones share registry a decade or so ago?

#politics #jamespeshaw #nzgreenparty #greens

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Subtitle: James goes woke, because sponsors are woke. Trans-woke is woke. Woke is fascist.

James has never been able to think for himself. He left his bachelors degree before he finished it went off to London and joined with an outfit that trained 'future leaders'. He's not a leader, he's a boy. Despite his lack of an undergraduate degree he boasts an MSc in something related to climate change but I doubt that there was much study involved. It probably required no more than a week or so in the Oxfordshire countryside with his Future Considerations mates. It's a little like Siouxsie Wiles' elusive PhD although James makes Siouxsie's academic claims seem mild in comparison.

Anyway his private secretary has changed, it's no longer Dave Butler-Peck and he's now employing an absolute idiot by the name of Sedef Duder-Özyurt. Yes pronouns in their social media profiles and this as their website.

It's not current anymore Sedef. Your sponsor must have run out of money for it.

Pierre Omidyar is a subject currently of an OIA of someone else's in relation to James Shaw, and without a doubt the above link gives impetus to that connection. Action Station, and probably most of those other 'activist organizations' there including Generation Zero, is Omidyar from start to finish.

James is now full fascist, like Marama, Golriz & Chloe who all have these connections.

In other news the listers on the ANE (Ancient Near East) list that I belong to are starting to show quite a lot of concern for the current state of 'Western politics'. You've been warned, this is no joke. I don't use the term fascist willy nilly. The Green School is only a symptom, not the main course. And it's not very green either, like James.

#politics #jamespeshaw

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Subtitle: Elites scramble to see if they can figure out what this eco thing is all about before capitalism, and the biosphere, collapses.

I really should look into who else is in on this Green School saga. But for now I'll leave you with this article where the bit that says “The Reporter travelled to the Green School Bali courtesy of Airbnb” is about as much as you need to know about our supposedly democratic world.

“Green School, Bali: where there are no walls, no algebra classes and no limits (And no doubt no teaching either)”

Airbnb not so long ago gaslit all their customers by stating prominently on its front-page that it supported “Black Lives Matter” and boy you better too. Well we all support people's rights, no matter what their skin colour is, to live free of the oppressive structures of the State that tend to enforce those privileges or lack of them but supporting “Black Lives Matter” the organisation full of, and more to the point funded by, privileged 'white people' is quite another matter. As Airbnb seemed to notice very quickly.

It's clear that the Green School is privilege squared. And that capitalism has created a club which both it and Airbnb (along with media such as Stuff) share membership of.

#politics #JamesPEShaw #GreenSchool

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