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Subtitle: The HRC seems to be a pharmaceutical off-shoot

Browsing my favourite hate media (that would be Twitter) today I came across a reference to an “article” in Spinoff late last year about snitching on your relatives via the Human Rights Commission which is a quasi Government organisation;

As if that wasn't bad enough though, a quick visit to to look for other websites that might be on the same IP as the website referenced ( in the above article was very illuminating (which it often is).

When there's only 7 websites on one IP address it normally means that they have a fairly close relationship. In this case, except for the bitcoin site (why is there always a bitcoin site) and all the other sites are pharmaceutical websites, and none of them are targeted towards New Zealanders. The French one is targeted at French children;

The Italian & Denmark ones at asthmatics in those countries.

And one is just purely promoting a drug.

It seems the Pharma companies want you to snitch on family, like East Germany before 1989 and as is familiar from Orwell's 1984. Of course East Germany was also very much into drugging athletes up with hormones....

Finally if you don't already know Spinoff is an offshoot of Bauer Media who recently shut down several print newsmedia in New Zealand.

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