Climate Issues by Rich Seager


Subtitle: Dungarees make the lesbian

Despite still sharing an address on Green Party parliamentary returns with long-time beau Alex Catt (adult human male) Chloe Swarbrick (adult human female) claims to be in a queer relationship with a WA Green. Admittedly Chloe does spend a hell of a lot of time in Perth but when 'home' in Auckland seems to shack up with Alex still. Modern relationships aye? One could also wonder who owns the apartment that Chloe claims to rent.

Beau (mais il n'est pas beau) Alex Catt's company Virtual Blue Limited was also the recipient of a rather large contract in 2019 (a suitable year after Chloe had resigned from a few of his companies) from ECan which is a non-democratic government body in charge of Canterbury water. Nice tenders if you can get them. But one does wonder about the process, aye Alex?

Take a toke on that.

E hoa!

#politics #greensNZ #chloeswarbrick #sorryabouttheumlaut #queeringfascism

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Subtitle: When you don't have any policies that you want the public to know about, pretend that you have some others

2016 John Key initiated a new flag for New Zealand.

2020 Jacinda Ardern initiates a new holiday for New Zealand.

If you like your tokenism and genitals dished up with a smile, well good on you.

#politics #greensNZ #LabourNZ

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Or as I would put it Eco Naught which is what the current Green Party of NZ is, a party completely focused on identity politics, led by two idiots one of whom was most likely parachuted there by the oil industry and the other who has said that she wishes to make up for her uncle's homophobic murder of a man a generation ago. She does this by supporting homophobic transgender activism in the current generation.

This domain will focus on the complete inability of the current Green Party to lead us out of the mess that we're in something that they themselves have emphasized with the recent policy announcement regarding their version of a UBI which seems to me no more than a bribe for the student vote.

Where's the urban cycle paths, where's the subsidy of tiny electric cars (no we don't need damned Teslas or even those cheaper but rather large Nissan Leafs), where's the attempt to build more renewable power. Where's the public transport? Why is their focus almost completely on Auckland? Why can you find them at airports so often? How often have you seen any of them in the South Island? Why do they tell women to let men into their spaces such as toilets, women's prisons, womens refuges and sports fields if the man just states the falsehood that they are a woman? This gaslighting of women is known as identity politics. It is a disgraceful attempt to wind back the much needed gains that women have made over the last 100 years or so.

As such no person who is focused on green issues should vote for the New Zealand Green Party a fact that is emphasized by such identity politics candidates as Jack Brazil (he/him...) in Dunedin as well as all the current Green MPs seeking re-election. Is there any redemption? No there's not, if this version fails the rainbow faction with pronouns and identity politics coming out of their ears (i.e. their social media profiles) will step in to take the Green Party even further away from being a party that addresses ecological and green issues. Don't listen to what they say in the run up to the election either, instead have a look to see what they've tried to do over the last 3 or so years. Have a look to see what their focus has been on social media. See how often they mention CO2 or the Arctic and how often they mention the word 'woman'. Ask why they would refer to women as 'uterus havers' as Chloe Swarbrick recently did.

I have no intention of giving this domain name away. It is here as protest against the Green Party's continued gaming of those who support ecological and green answers to the current dire state of the world. If you want those answers you'll need to look elsewhere.

#politics #lgb #droptheT #women #adulthumanfemales #gaynotqueer #GreensNZ

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