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Subtitle: ka ching

Anyone that follows the following article through to its conclusion should both recognize some local parallels (i.e. the Greens & especially James Shaw) and be appalled at where the billionaires are trying to lead us. Add in some gender woo woo and in my view these same billionaires, and their cheerleaders, do indeed have some substantial consequences to face. Michael Moore's movie “Planet of the Humans” which is narrated and directed by the excellent Jeff Gibbs is well worth the watch by the way.

Green capitalism is an oxymoron.

Anyway without further ado;

And the background;

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Subtitle: Scion of an East Coast farming dynasty has a Dayan Qigong stepping mother.

Cynthia Shaw

And you thought the craziness had disappeared with the corporate takeover of the Green Party? And yes it is relevant because James and his wife were still living with his mum and wife until a few years ago, and may still be (albeit the house at Te Aro was sold, for 1.6m, in 2018).

And yes the Shaws are a well known farming dynasty halfway between Gisborne and Opotiki although James' father (I assume that it's father, but I guess it could be mother) seems to be from an Opotiki based division.

P.S. Dayan Qigong is claimed to be based on the movements of geese.

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Subtitle: Woke corporate new age, Steven Jack or Christof Melchizedek?

Various newsmedia in NZ/Aotearoa have been carrying the story on how a couple of con artists in the new age crystals space had a two day workshop at the Green School near Oakura in Taranaki. They've named them as Christof and Alaya Melchizedek. This is the photo most often used in association with these stories, from a youtube video;

But think this ends there? Not a hope in hell. This is his Twitter, ain't he having a lark?

But follow that link to which is now toast (but not to and you'll find this at the bottom of the contact page;

Contact Steve Jack Ltd?

Ok sure, Steve Jack what are you up to these days?

Capitalism has become such a con at every level of this complete farce of a system of 'organizing' the economy.

The heads of this capitalist 'system' need to be turfed out. And while you're doing that send this version of the Green Party to purgatory.

I wonder when the Green Parties overseas will see fit to disown themselves from these clowns that call themselves the NZ Green Party.

Now Steve just a hunch here but did you have anything to do with a raid on David Jones share registry a decade or so ago?

#politics #jamespeshaw #nzgreenparty #greens

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