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Graham does quite a good rundown on what Jonathon/Jessica Yaniv is currently up to (just being his normal racist, misogynist self basically). Aotearoa please heed the warning.


I strongly feel that the enabling of this ideology is a reaction to climate change bought on by billionaire dollars. Not that such anti-democratic forces would not have had it in mind anyway but it's been bought forward in my view, which makes it weaker.

Anybody who wants to follow the war on women could do worse than signing up by email to Megan Murphy's Feminist Current mentioned by Graham in his own article.

Jonathan Yaniv: Credit: Miranda Yardley

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After talking to my host and having my suspicions confirmed I’ve decided to make a few changes. The main part of this blog is going to migrate beyond NZ borders so that discussion of gender critical issues can be done without, or at least with less, fear of censorship. Greer, Dworkin & others writings along those lines are very topical right now and I/we have no wish to be shut down by increasingly authoritarian forces on this issue. But that's elsewhere (go looking). So this site will now concentrate on climate change issues although it will of necessity occasionally wander into political areas including gender critical themes. But it's not going to give any space for authoritarian chappies to report it.

This site has also been moved so that we can use writefreely as wordpress is part of that authoritarian crackdown.

WordPress shuts down several feminist blogs without warning.

So some old links won't work. Others I will attempt to fix in the next few days. is not as yet an open source host, but for now it is convenient. But the blog software is open source and if there were any problems we'd just move hosts. It interacts well with Mastodon which, although not perfect, is a kind of twitter alternative and opensource and distributed. This all means that it's all a little more resilient than wordpress on a host in a country that you're living in with a domain name that is subject to the local domain name registrar and a democracy that is under siege.

According to reddit there is a feminist attempt at writing some social media software by women (as in XX). If it comes to fruition and is suitable for us we may look at moving to that.

If you're of a similar mind and want to write about climate issues, please contact me* and we may be able to add you here.

* in your email program remove the XXX at the end of

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P.S. Rangi, you're on the wrong side

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There's a whole lot of billionaires running scared of climate change (that to a very large extent can be laid at their door). I figure you can tell from all the gender tyranny around where young gender dysphoric mostly female youth as young as eight are having body parts removed, or the stories of bunkers in the NZ/Aotearoan countryside or maybe if you've delved deeper you've heard some quotes from this class along the lines of climate scientist Jason Box's 'we're f'd' without the qualifying 'if'.

But there's another part to it as well, the manipulation of the young. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez & Greta Thunberg are the ones being used here, although I'm sure both believe in the issues they're pushing (Greta more than Alexandria though). Here's some dissent on the story we've been given so far regarding these two 'activists'. First we have Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (or AOC as she is referred to for marketing purposes) selling the cosmetic industry (some radical she is);

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez gives makeup advice

And here's some links to some background information on the Greta Thunberg phenomenen

Green capitalism is using Greta Thunberg

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg (6 parts)

And on a similar theme who can forget this travesty (notice the brown rather than green theme…..).

Capitalism, or any variation on it, is not the future.

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