Climate Issues by Rich Seager


Subtitle: how convenient.

Online retail stalled around 2006/07 sitting around the 6% mark in the retail obsessed United States and barely above that level elsewhere except where retail was a monopoly, such as in Serbia or Ireland, or a combination of monopoly and isolation such as New Zealand. Covid-19 has been a godsend for online retail and it is going to be interesting to see where it lands. But it's probably still being over-egged. In my view you'll see a jump to close to 8% in the United States before it falls away again in about 8-12 months time. Retail is a social experience and that's what these e-tailors are missing and no amount of technology is going to make up for it. Of course these are some of the most exploitative employers on the planet as well, and that certainly has to pay at some stage as well.

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