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Subtitle: Jenny says I don't want anything to do with the Victorian Labor Party.

Jenny Mikakos, the health minister of the Victorian Labor Government has resigned. She hasn't just resigned from her position as Health Minister but has resigned from Parliament as well which to my mind is a giant FU to Daniel Andrews. Andrews has been asked if he's going to resign by media and has said no, he's going to work through the night instead. 'Working through the night' is a meme that his trolls have been very keenly pushing and some are saying that those trolls are from Chinese Troll Farms. The context for such theories is that Victoria is the only state of Australian currently signed up to China's Silk Road initiative. I have no thoughts on those/that particular claim(s) but it is noticeable that the Labor Government of Queensland, not signed up to this initiative of China's, is also being particularly unfriendly to its residents & others unless of course you're an AFL star or family of such sportspeople. It's a little bit like Ancient Rome.

To make your mind up about just how unpleasant Dan Andrews is, here's the latest interview, where it is also obviously the case that the journalists are not on his side. He addresses them all by name as well and I don't think that I like that as the reason for it to be, it seems to me, is for later analysis.

Daniel Andrews corona virus press conference, 26th September 2020

Who made the call on the private security guards? Mikakos denies that it was her and I believe her. Andrews is just an evasive prick. So I think that we may have some 'Strong Cities Network' involvement here. Andrews needs to go.

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Subtitle: Locking down a State in a woke world.

Victoria has suffered under some terrible Premiers in the last decades. Jeff Kennett is the one who comes to mind, a Liberal (i.e. Tory) Premier who went after the Teachers and Nurses (i.e. women) and Trams (i.e. working class transport) big time. But in my view Daniel Andrews, the current Labor Premier of Victoria, is worse. Victoria recently enacted some legislation in the dead of night that means you can change your sex (no it's not 'gender' whatever the hell that word actually means these days, but even more ridiculously it's 'sex') at whim as long as you only do it every 12 months.

Daniel Andrew's latest trick is to impose a police state on Victoria with COVID-19 as the justification (natch). This is mainly being resisted by right wing Victorians at the moment but hopefully left wing Victorians wake up before it's too late. It was therefore good to hear some criticism of Daniel Andrew's lockdown from some Victorian epidemiologists on RNZ this morning. The next stage of this RNZ would be to offer contrary NZ epidemiologists a chance to state their case. Because we're all mighty sick of this gaslighting especially with the example of Sweden to tell those who need to be told to 'naff off'. And yes that 'naff off' might include you too, Michael Baker.

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