Climate Issues by Rich Seager


Subtitle: Another Dan lockdown inevitable

On this graph I figure the first spurt is a false dawn. Maybe some tests were false-positives (i.e. it is not uncommon for the common cold to register a positive on a COVID test especially early on) or maybe it was confined to a small sector of the population. So in my view the second spurt on this graph is actually round one for Melbourne/Victoria. With a very hard lockdown from Dan Andrews I think it means there will be another round. And Dan will lockdown again. So who is going to win, nature or Dan?

Luckily Melbourne is a pretty warm spot normally, so lots of sun and heat will probably deal to it in January & February and locking down in the Xmas retail period won't be popular at all. I think if Dan is still there in April though, one should expect another lockdown.

.* I'm strictly an amateur epidemiologist having only done a short course via John Hopkins University and fairly extensive but unsupervised study over a few months earlier this year.

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Subtitle: Literal violence

In an increasingly authoritarian police state put into place by the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Man deliberately run over by police car in Epping, Melbourne.

Same man has his head stomped on by police and put into coma as a result. Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier states that he shouldn't protest (he wasn't, he was psychotic and had been rejected by Austin & Northern Hospitals for care).

Someone leaves boots outside a barn as a protest (i.e. kick him out). Mr Andrews on Tuesday said the person who made that protest should feel 'shame'

Must be so difficult for Daniel Andrews. He has to put up with so much.

#politics #fascistscryingintotheirmilk #covid19

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Subtitle: Locking down a State in a woke world.

Victoria has suffered under some terrible Premiers in the last decades. Jeff Kennett is the one who comes to mind, a Liberal (i.e. Tory) Premier who went after the Teachers and Nurses (i.e. women) and Trams (i.e. working class transport) big time. But in my view Daniel Andrews, the current Labor Premier of Victoria, is worse. Victoria recently enacted some legislation in the dead of night that means you can change your sex (no it's not 'gender' whatever the hell that word actually means these days, but even more ridiculously it's 'sex') at whim as long as you only do it every 12 months.

Daniel Andrew's latest trick is to impose a police state on Victoria with COVID-19 as the justification (natch). This is mainly being resisted by right wing Victorians at the moment but hopefully left wing Victorians wake up before it's too late. It was therefore good to hear some criticism of Daniel Andrew's lockdown from some Victorian epidemiologists on RNZ this morning. The next stage of this RNZ would be to offer contrary NZ epidemiologists a chance to state their case. Because we're all mighty sick of this gaslighting especially with the example of Sweden to tell those who need to be told to 'naff off'. And yes that 'naff off' might include you too, Michael Baker.

#politics #transgender #covid19 #danielandrews #oz #australia

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