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Subtitle: foiled by the folding stuff

I did actually go to enrol as a candidate today, the last day that I could (cutoff was midday). I had thought about it a lot but was still somewhat reluctant as I was lacking some organisation. But I hadn't stopped to take the $300 out of the bank so in the end I was foiled by a lack of cash (not for the first time) and a lack of time. I guess I could have pushed a little more & transferred via the phone but rules are rules. That's ok, I wasn't really ready anyway although the hospital build was a motivation as it is something that needs to be opposed now, before it gets silly.

So this idea of standing, borne of Labour & the Greens dances with the devil, will be up and going for the next one, for sure. Hopefully we still have a democracy.

Some have asked Ingrid Leary if she intends staying in Taieri if she loses. Realistically I think you could ask her the same question if she wins. You could probably ask Liam Kernaghan the same questions, because is he going to get a flat in Wellington or continue to stay with Ma & Pa in Maori Hill which is in the Dunedin electorate rather than the Taieri electorate. Personally I figure it will be the former, as he is now a fish out of water in lil ol Dunedin. Ditto Scott Willis as he lives in the Waitati which is also in the Dunedin electorate (unless he's in the next electorate up, Waitaki). The NZ First guy has his truck and permanent sign parked up Mornington way which is also in the Dunedin electorate. Basically I wonder if any of them have lived in the electorate for the last 3 years, which I think should be a requirement. South Dunedin has been poorly served for a long time.

I shall have to have a think about who to recommend, it's not an easy task, but I have one recommendation and that is that you shouldn't vote NZ First. Their only saving grace, Tracey Martin, has recently swallowed more gender nonsense so just give them the flick. And I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see Ingrid Leary resign before the election. I guess that leaves Scott Willis but if you vote for him you must not Party Vote the Greens.

And in the Dunedin electorate? There's not much choice there either but I would like to see the Greens Party vote knocked about there. Most of that is based at the University.

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Subtitle: Wai hek!

I saw Ingrid Leary yesterday (Thursday 18th September) in St Clair. It's the first time that I've seen her in Dunedin. She was dressed to the nines in red with a matching handbag. She was alone and heading to one of the restaurants on the Promenade. I also have my suspicions that she's driving around the South Dunedin neighbourhood in a car unsuited to a Labour Candidate but I am not able to confirm this as yet. There was no sign of it yesterday in St Clair.

Leary has recently been castigated (justifiably) for her comment on Auckland's Waiheke Island radio (where she spent lockdown) that if she lost the seat then she'd likely never return to Dunedin. Waiheke is upmarket and off the coast of Auckland for those who don't know, about as far away from South Dunedin as you can get and still be in the same Country. She said it with an addition of a slight laugh of contempt as well.

I think Liam Kernaghan is in with a chance to win the seat of South Dunedin. Scott Willis, the Green candidate, is also capable of dragging votes away from Labour and I think he'll get 3-4,000 votes although thankfully the (woke) Greens won't get the party vote. Kernaghan is more likely as an upset winner though as for Willis to win he'd need to get at least 9,000 votes. I doubt that's going to happen. There's just not enough Green voters in South Dunedin (or Taieri as it is called now) probably NZ's safest Labour seat of the last 100 years or so. The complication for Kernaghan is the NZ First candidate but he's unlikely to get the support he needs from South Dunedin. He'll take Clutha comfortably though.

But Ingrid Leary is as hopeless for the seat as Clare Curran was and it was arrogant in the extreme for the Labour Party to parachute her in. She's quite obviously under pressure for being an upper middle class woman from Waiheke Island when South Dunedin (still the major part of the revamped Taieri seat) needed a traditional and local Labour Party person. Kernaghan isn't really local either but he's from the next door electorate North Dunedin (now Dunedin) and not parachuted in from the North Island. He's an upmarket boy as well although he claims that his father is originally from the working class suburb of Brockville. He still went to Johnnies though and both he and the current South Dunedin Labour MP Clare Curran are from the elite suburbs of Roslyn/Maori Hill. Before Curran South Dunedin hosted as its Labour MP the tennis ball fan and establishment adjacent David Benson-Pope. So much for its working class solidarity.

One wonders if Jacinda Ardern had anything to do with Leary's candidature. I suspect that she did as it sounds like the local branch was leaned on. There's also a kiwiblog reference to Leary having done a hosting stint on TV3 on June 19th (she's a journalist). That's not kosher.

Anyway here is Ingrid Leary gaslighting Musselburgh (nobody wears a mask around South Dunedin and she wasn't wearing one at St Clair). Anybody get the feeling that she's trying to protect herself from criticism rather than COVID-19, long absent from the South Island, with the mask?

Will Kernaghan be a good MP for South Dunedin? NO. Too young, too Tory, too stupid about Climate Change. Simon.

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