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Subtitle: Something is happening here.

More soon.

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Subtitle: Losing my religion.

The only politicians addressing the transgender attempts to send our societies back to a non-democratic form, with their attacks on women's rights everywhere, seem to be conservative politicians. So called (small l) liberal or socially progressive politicians are very noticeable in their absence and this is a blight on them. Will I ever vote for the left again? Not in its current form, no.

Senator Claire Chandler is very good here. Would I vote conservative (the Liberal party in Australia) for the first time if she was my local Senator? Yes I would, especially when the other side is just rotten to the core.

It's a good idea to download, screenshot or otherwise record politics that challenge the 'trans' narrative, as they will work on removing them as quick as they can and what was there will no longer be there, so confident they are in their own ideas. Here is a list of video downloaders for Macs;

I use 4k Video downloader which works fine.

And speaking of unlikely political bedmates, I'm an atheist but there's not much I disagree with Brandon, a conservative Christian, on here. It's a hard watch but if you want to get an idea of what is going on, how this is something that needs to be resisted before they come for you, please take 40 minutes to watch it;

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Subtitle: Or is it a DFool?

Siouxsie Wiles, all over New Zealand news media over the last 6 months or more for her supposed expertise on COVID-19, claims to have a Ph.D and at least once she's claimed that it is from Oxford, the implication of course being that it's from Oxford University. Doctorates from Oxford University are normally called a DPhil rather than Ph.D, or PHD as referred to on at least one of Siouxsie's copious social media or online biography pages. But there's no evidence of such a doctorate, whatever it is called, for example this database has no record of it;

And Siouxsie's Wikipedia page referenced this paper as her Ph.D thesis before I challenged it a few months ago (the Wikipedia link is to an archived version of her page).

That paper is only 10 pages long, it has three co-authors which would be very unusual for a thesis and nowhere other than Wikipedia do I see it mentioned as a thesis. The chances of that paper being her thesis are close to zero.

I've filed an OIA at Auckland University to proffer up proof that Siouxsie Wiles has what she claims to have. What prompted that?

This bit of anti-science (and good on you Sammy, we need more of you – Keywords: woman, PhD);

And advisor rather than supervisor? I know that there might be some terminology differences between countries but I thought the term was 'supervisor'. And yes you are supposed to notice the pink hair, it's better than concentrating on her 'expertise' in whatever field the NZ newsmedia has asked her to comment on today. Anyway...

20200909 Update: Siouxsie has had a go at defending her Ph.D on Twitter. That's novel. There is still no thesis offered in evidence though. But at least we've cleared up that it's not an Oxbridge PhD. And bonus, we have extras! Bill Gates eh? And not to miss the little dash of libel. I might take it more seriously but ...

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subtitle: Summer camps masquerading as schools, oil companies, greenwashing Green Party leaders and Panama Papers mentions.

Here from The former link is

Until recently the Green Party have had a remarkably easy run to the coming election despite being at the forefront of some very contentious issues such as transgender claims on women's spaces and the coming referendum on the legality, or not, of cannabis. There's also the almost uncommented on shifting aside of Gareth Hughes who is the Green Party's only connection to a previous environmentally focused, rather than identity politics focused, Green Party. In addition there are issues of race which the very white Green Party MPs seem peculiarly focused on making sure in the process that they throw in enough 'Kia oras' and 'e hoas' in an attempt to legitimise their distance from the (Pakeha, i.e. white) New Zealand establishment. You could also add in James Shaw's very strong connections to the oil industry via the London based & PwC raised greenwashing outfit Future Considerations which has had almost no coverage, considered obviously to be of little import by New Zealands (supposedly) fourth estate.

It's a very odd establishment newsmedia protection of the Green Party this is, a gift horse that should not have been looked in the mouth. But nobody passed this on to James Shaw so this rather odd immunity ended last week with the announcement of the Government grant of $11.7 million to the Taranaki based Green School which was by all accounts a decision promoted and pushed hard by the very same James Shaw. Taranaki is of course the epicentre of New Zealand's fossil fuel industries and addressing the need to go past fossil fuels in the (very) near future has been part of the justification of the grant put forward by both Labour party MPs and James Shaw. There is of course a connection but it's a sop to the greenwashing section of the fossil fuel industry and not, as claimed, a way out of the obscene mess that the same industry has bought the world to while creating the Earth's richest elite ever seen in the process. This same elite seem unable to see the world in anything but oil tinted glasses offering one capitalist opportunity after another.

And that's an elite where the Green School is based although the oil connections are not immediately Western as such. As well as the connections to the oil industry it is also a property development business much more so than an education business (some commentators on the Bali school page even wonder if there is an educational focus at all) and it has no genuine ecological claims whatsoever, unless you call Jetson style design fantasies ecological. It is therefore perfect for the current Green Party of New Zealand.

The first Green School was built in Bali and daily tours are conducted to the school for both those who are holidaying in Bali and those rich enough to think about being able to send their children to the school. Ridiculously the school in Bali has a roll that is well over 90% foreign. So the students undoubtedly fly in and out of Bali several times a year, a claim on the environment in CO2 emissions of aircraft that no amount of Bamboo in your school, or residential, build is going to make up for. The business case seems to be to buy some (relatively) cheap land build the school and then build a whole bunch of houses using materials such as bamboo (allegedly imported from South America for the Bali build) nearby on 1000 square metre sections. And that's exactly what has happened in Taranaki where the Green School currently sits alone in a rural area but only if you're not looking at the local council maps. Once you've seen these you will not wonder what's going on when bamboo structures start going up on all the subdivided sections (how did the Green School get around the local Taranaki rural zone regulations one wonders). It doesn't take much effort to figure out what this really is, a summer camp for aircraft addicted oil industry holiday makers with inbuilt babysitting and associated parent's accommodation. Which is about as green as your average aircraft addicted Green Party MP.

This is plainly not a school but an accommodation business built on snake oil, property snake oil, which unfortunately has quite a recent pedigree in New Zealand. So who is involved in the Green School? In New Zealand the Green School has been promoted and, until recently, funded (one assumes) by the Perretts, Michael & Rachel. Michael sold his air conditioning business a few years ago which by their own account has given them quite a lot of money to play with. But it would be remiss to forget that their business partners are in the oil industry not exactly an industry short of capital. Anyway there is a youtube video online, 'Rethining Education' (sic) where the couple are interviewed for 30 (long) minutes about this school. On ecological issues they make not one statement and they show no understanding of the current climate crisis that we are starting to endure. The interview is instead full of the sort of terminology that you'd expect to hear from evangelical preachers and they constantly refer to their notes for their key points.

It is interesting too that the Green School in New Zealand shares its IP with two other domains, one of which is a local website which focuses on big gas guzzling American Cars ( and the other ( which was registered in 2018 for those of a conspirational bent) which resolves to a log-in page at the local New Plymouth Boys High School. Obviously neither of these facts are appropriate for such an enterprise and just as obviously someone at the New Plymouth Boys High School has some questions to answer. But also quite obviously the original Green School in Bali is not of the Perretts' making so a trip to the company register in New Zealand is where you go to seek insight at who started what looks to be a franchise (other 'schools' being opened recently in South Africa and Mexico in areas where gas & oil production is also quite evident). And here we find a person called Salman Ahmad Mannan in the shareholdings (alongside the Perretts) of Green School Farms Limited.

And this brings us to our conclusion although there are other connections but that's for a Ted talk at some later time in the future, Ms Klein. Salman Ahmad Mannan (probably also known by a few other names) is a partner of MarcWhittaker Capital Limited and has also been a partner in Deloitte both based in Singapore. His main work seems to be with the Oil industry including Shell. Green Schools International is also supposed to be a Singapore based company but the Singapore registry indicates that it is actually a Non-registered entity which probably means that it is actually registered in a tax avoiding jurisdiction. Salman Ahmad Mannan has form here as he manages to get a mention in the Panama Papers (Laveco Ltd & Kiraly Enterprises Limited) of a few years ago, being a client of Mossack Fonseca and being associated with various companies, mostly now struck off due to non-payment of registration fees, in the Virgin Islands. Future Considerations, James Shaw's greenwashing agency, is also in this type of jurisdiction. The 'accountants' listed on their website in the late 2000s were Nigerian scammers. In fact as already mentioned Future Considerations is basically a scammer. Nigeria of course produces a lot of oil, as well as scammers, and oil is never far away from James Shaw. Nor it seems is scamming.

The Greenschool grant (not a loan, a grant) is a clusterfuck which due to the Green Party leader's support of, and the support from Chris Hipkins and Grant Robertson of the Labour Party should end the Jacinda Ardern Government. James Shaw could possibly resolve this by resigning. Marama Davidson would ideally go at the same time. But the Green Party has no back-up, the MPs down the list are no better.

Where does that leave us? Nowhere good and certainly not addressing climate change, which is rather ironic. But the Green Party is not currently about climate change so a clean out would give it an opportunity to change its focus back to where it should be. The alternative which we have now, and not to put too fine a point on it, is a fossil fueled fascism.

Links for the proof of all the claims in this article shall be added later. Regarding the stupidity and arrogance of Grant Robertson, Chris Hipkins & James Shaw & the current Green Party's politics the evidence is all circumstantial but also fairly evident one would think.

Update 20200904: It seems likely this article is now being used as a source for the National Party & media. So I'm going to leave the links out for now as I'm not going to do your job for free guys.

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Is currently in palliative care. She is brilliant, very sad news.

Here she is at her best;

11:20 in is absolutely classic

P.S. I'm not sure how to start an embedded video at a particular point in the video, pinching the code from a link didn't work

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I'd probably say that these origins lie with Plato. The Classical and Archaic Greeks were supposedly pretty patriarchal as well, generally you probably find more men on red or black figure vases, with an emphasis on the all male symposium (boys and men). But there were female gods in this culture such as Artemis, Athena, Hera and of course Aphrodite. And Andromache seemed to have quite an equal role with her husband in the Iliad even if she was Trojan rather than Greek. We also should not forget the sirens (or furies), or the Gorgons. There's some clues in ancient languages as well, with feminine endings adding to some confusion on the supposedly patriarchal Athenian society and belying an exclusively male history. And of course we have the legend of Amazon too long before there was a brutal male capitalist by the name of Jeff Bezos. But Plato suggested making women the bad character in religion that up until then had been very inclusive of goddesses. So I blame him (I like blaming Plato). That's my bite of that particular apple.

Detail of Artemis, Athena and the Moirae (Fates) from a painting depicting the procession of gods attending the wedding of Peleus and Thetis.

Athena was also very fond of her snakes, but she was a late convert. Earlier goddesses with snakes date to maybe 1700 BCE from memory, in Greece anyway*. They may have been a little older than that in Egypt or Mesopotamia. But we can only conjecture about 50k years ago, before agriculture, with Neanderthals still around and only just out of Africa for most of us. Well before the two civilisations just mentioned, the oldest ones on this planet. Both these civilisations date to as far back as 5,000 years BCE according to some but more likely they date somewhere between 2,500 and 4,000 years BCE with the majority of historians probably settling on between 3,000 and 4,000 BCE. But dating 'the Patriarchy' to before civilisation, whether 6,000 years old or 4,000 years old is nevertheless a bit of a stretch.

It could also be noted that civilisation does not seem to have done much for our brain size as they are smaller now than they were 10,000 years ago. Sometimes I get the suspicion that there is a correlation there between intellect and the loss of a few hundred ccs of brain matter. Self awareness is obviously still there, but agency maybe not.

So maybe some overreach going on below (Figure 3) as Lynn seems to be on to. I might have some more thoughts at some stage on this one.

00:00 hrs 4th August update: looks like the 50,000 has been changed to 5,000.

Figure 3: Renee, Charlie & Lynn

* Other small statues from this time indicate an emphasis on fertility and the feminine form.

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Graham does quite a good rundown on what Jonathon/Jessica Yaniv is currently up to (just being his normal racist, misogynist self basically). Aotearoa please heed the warning.


I strongly feel that the enabling of this ideology is a reaction to climate change bought on by billionaire dollars. Not that such anti-democratic forces would not have had it in mind anyway but it's been bought forward in my view, which makes it weaker.

Anybody who wants to follow the war on women could do worse than signing up by email to Megan Murphy's Feminist Current mentioned by Graham in his own article.

Jonathan Yaniv: Credit: Miranda Yardley

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After talking to my host and having my suspicions confirmed I’ve decided to make a few changes. The main part of this blog is going to migrate beyond NZ borders so that discussion of gender critical issues can be done without, or at least with less, fear of censorship. Greer, Dworkin & others writings along those lines are very topical right now and I/we have no wish to be shut down by increasingly authoritarian forces on this issue. But that's elsewhere (go looking). So this site will now concentrate on climate change issues although it will of necessity occasionally wander into political areas including gender critical themes. But it's not going to give any space for authoritarian chappies to report it.

This site has also been moved so that we can use writefreely as wordpress is part of that authoritarian crackdown.

WordPress shuts down several feminist blogs without warning.

So some old links won't work. Others I will attempt to fix in the next few days. is not as yet an open source host, but for now it is convenient. But the blog software is open source and if there were any problems we'd just move hosts. It interacts well with Mastodon which, although not perfect, is a kind of twitter alternative and opensource and distributed. This all means that it's all a little more resilient than wordpress on a host in a country that you're living in with a domain name that is subject to the local domain name registrar and a democracy that is under siege.

According to reddit there is a feminist attempt at writing some social media software by women (as in XX). If it comes to fruition and is suitable for us we may look at moving to that.

If you're of a similar mind and want to write about climate issues, please contact me* and we may be able to add you here.

* in your email program remove the XXX at the end of

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P.S. Rangi, you're on the wrong side

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