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In her PhD 'defense' on Twitter, Siouxsie Wiles mentioned that she'd received her PhD from Edinburgh Napier University. There is a chance that this is true, but if so it's likely that she's received a PhD via this method (which was one of my OIA questions);

Because not only has Siouxsie Wiles not provided a thesis as evidence that she has a PhD but once again there's no thesis in a search engine that specializes in these sort of searches. This time on the Edinburgh Napier University website, a search from 1997 to 2005 in alphabetical order. It jumps from David Ian White in 2002 to Simon Wilkinson in 2001. There is nobody by the surname of Wiles (a surname that Siouxsie has never stopped using and one that she was definitely using around this period).

For those who are unaware of what a PhD normally entails it's a guided research project over several years supervised by someone at the University you're doing your PhD at who has the qualifications necessary to act as your supervisor (i.e. they have a relevant PhD with research and teaching in that area or jurisdiction). This then results in a substantial (i.e. more or less a book) output which is known as a thesis. At the end of your PhD you defend this thesis in front of a panel (2+) of examiners/academics. And so you become a Doctor (PhD) but not very often a Medical Doctor (MD) as the MD is a separate degree.

20200915 Update: Auckland University has stated in a reply to my OIA that Siouxsie Wiles received her PhD from Edinburgh Napier University in the normal way (not via one of Edinburgh Napier's expedited routes). They have also stated who her supervisors were. But they have also stated that “As noted in the University's Calendar, which is publicly available, Associate Professor Wiles' PhD was awarded by Edinburgh Napier University.” This is not the case, the only reference on Siouxsie Wiles University pages is to the “centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Oxford” which is not part of Oxford University.

But disregarding what seems to be an attempt to associate herself with Oxford rather than Edinburgh Napier University her thesis should be publicly available, but I have yet to find it via a general search, via Edinburgh Napier University or via

There are references to her as a Dr in several places in the 2000s while she was in the UK so these references do not support the idea that she does not have a PhD.

But I think the lack of a thesis in those databases, or for that matter online, or for that matter offered up recently when Siouxsie Wiles reacted to my OIA request is very odd. Someone's thesis is normally much easier to find than this.

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