Siouxsie Wiles is on the warpath again

This time she's targeting Air New Zealand for not making people eat or drink with their masks on.

What caused this latest Wiles bogus outrage? Well this did;

Estimating the effect of selective border relaxation on COVID-19 in New Zealand

Wiles accuses the writers of being paid by Air New Zealand whose part sponsorship of the paper is acknowledged. But this is highly hypocritical as my contention is that Wiles is (still*) paid directly by Bill Gates, and unlike Air New Zealand we don't exactly know what Gates is up to, but I figure we know that it's not good for us whatever it is.

* Wiles admits to receiving funding from Gates.

And Wiles still has yet to provide any proof that she has a PhD. There's no evidence of it on the Edinburgh Napier University website.

Finally this paper is one more paper than Wiles has ever written on COVID-19. There's a reason for that of course, isn't there Doctor.... .

#gender #politics #liars

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