Siouxsie Wiles and the PhD that she claims to have.

Subtitle: Or is it a DFool?

Siouxsie Wiles, all over New Zealand news media over the last 6 months or more for her supposed expertise on COVID-19, claims to have a Ph.D and at least once she's claimed that it is from Oxford, the implication of course being that it's from Oxford University. Doctorates from Oxford University are normally called a DPhil rather than Ph.D, or PHD as referred to on at least one of Siouxsie's copious social media or online biography pages. But there's no evidence of such a doctorate, whatever it is called, for example this database has no record of it;

And Siouxsie's Wikipedia page referenced this paper as her Ph.D thesis before I challenged it a few months ago (the Wikipedia link is to an archived version of her page).

That paper is only 10 pages long, it has three co-authors which would be very unusual for a thesis and nowhere other than Wikipedia do I see it mentioned as a thesis. The chances of that paper being her thesis are close to zero.

I've filed an OIA at Auckland University to proffer up proof that Siouxsie Wiles has what she claims to have. What prompted that?

This bit of anti-science (and good on you Sammy, we need more of you – Keywords: woman, PhD);

And advisor rather than supervisor? I know that there might be some terminology differences between countries but I thought the term was 'supervisor'. And yes you are supposed to notice the pink hair, it's better than concentrating on her 'expertise' in whatever field the NZ newsmedia has asked her to comment on today. Anyway...

20200909 Update: Siouxsie has had a go at defending her Ph.D on Twitter. That's novel. There is still no thesis offered in evidence though. But at least we've cleared up that it's not an Oxbridge PhD. And bonus, we have extras! Bill Gates eh? And not to miss the little dash of libel. I might take it more seriously but ...

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