Siouxsie Wiles & Bill Gates

Subtitle: A thesis looking for evidence

Siouxsie Wiles with her full and early support of transgender, her cosy access to the New Zealand media (which has given us wall to wall Siouxsie nonsense commentary on COVID over the last 12 or so months) and Wiles' keenness to diss those scientists with opposing opinions immediately that they express them all strongly suggest that someone like Gates is sponsoring her.

She has admitted getting a Gates grant for her tuberculosis research but says it was over a decade ago and for only three years.

My own research has found the following grant which was in fact for (just over) five years and for the significant sum of $4,846,878 USD, a very generous grant even for Gates. It's quite possible that Wiles' current evangelizing bollocks is also part of this very large grant.

BTW one possibility with Wiles' missing thesis is that her thesis is under 'MI6' lock and key. She did get a first class honours BSc degree from Edinburgh & she was at CEH in Oxfordshire in 1997. If she does in fact have a thesis, then it would very likely be on Tuberculosis and Gates is basically funding Wiles in the tuberculosis domain, a bacterial disease that has mostly been dealt to.

You've been warned. But I still think that the evidence points to there not being a Wiles thesis and therefore no PhD.

In regards to her batshit comic book COVID commentary with Toby Moron, viruses and bacteria are of course two completely different things. For one thing Bacteria is a living organism whereas viruses arn't (it's an argument but obviously you can see which side I'm on). Viruses are basically a bit of code that needs your cells to replicate or indeed to be of any import at all. And there is some thought that retroviruses such as COVID are not even viruses. Wiles doesn't know anything about viruses, her specialty is bacteria. How much of a specialty? I don't know, but from interactions over the last year or so, she gives me the impression that she's forgotten a lot of stuff that she learnt in her BSc, let alone any possible postgrad. She is not worth 30 seconds of anybody's time. Woke rots the brain.

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