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Subtitle: Woke corporate new age, Steven Jack or Christof Melchizedek?

Various newsmedia in NZ/Aotearoa have been carrying the story on how a couple of con artists in the new age crystals space had a two day workshop at the Green School near Oakura in Taranaki. They've named them as Christof and Alaya Melchizedek. This is the photo most often used in association with these stories, from a youtube video;

But think this ends there? Not a hope in hell. This is his Twitter, ain't he having a lark?

But follow that link to which is now toast (but not to and you'll find this at the bottom of the contact page;

Contact Steve Jack Ltd?

Ok sure, Steve Jack what are you up to these days?

Capitalism has become such a con at every level of this complete farce of a system of 'organizing' the economy.

The heads of this capitalist 'system' need to be turfed out. And while you're doing that send this version of the Green Party to purgatory.

I wonder when the Green Parties overseas will see fit to disown themselves from these clowns that call themselves the NZ Green Party.

Now Steve just a hunch here but did you have anything to do with a raid on David Jones share registry a decade or so ago?

#politics #jamespeshaw #nzgreenparty #greens

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Subtitle: James goes woke, because sponsors are woke. Trans-woke is woke. Woke is fascist.

James has never been able to think for himself. He left his bachelors degree before he finished it went off to London and joined with an outfit that trained 'future leaders'. He's not a leader, he's a boy. Despite his lack of an undergraduate degree he boasts an MSc in something related to climate change but I doubt that there was much study involved. It probably required no more than a week or so in the Oxfordshire countryside with his Future Considerations mates. It's a little like Siouxsie Wiles' elusive PhD although James makes Siouxsie's academic claims seem mild in comparison.

Anyway his private secretary has changed, it's no longer Dave Butler-Peck and he's now employing an absolute idiot by the name of Sedef Duder-Özyurt. Yes pronouns in their social media profiles and this as their website.

It's not current anymore Sedef. Your sponsor must have run out of money for it.

Pierre Omidyar is a subject currently of an OIA of someone else's in relation to James Shaw, and without a doubt the above link gives impetus to that connection. Action Station, and probably most of those other 'activist organizations' there including Generation Zero, is Omidyar from start to finish.

James is now full fascist, like Marama, Golriz & Chloe who all have these connections.

In other news the listers on the ANE (Ancient Near East) list that I belong to are starting to show quite a lot of concern for the current state of 'Western politics'. You've been warned, this is no joke. I don't use the term fascist willy nilly. The Green School is only a symptom, not the main course. And it's not very green either, like James.

#politics #jamespeshaw

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Subtitle: Elites scramble to see if they can figure out what this eco thing is all about before capitalism, and the biosphere, collapses.

I really should look into who else is in on this Green School saga. But for now I'll leave you with this article where the bit that says “The Reporter travelled to the Green School Bali courtesy of Airbnb” is about as much as you need to know about our supposedly democratic world.

“Green School, Bali: where there are no walls, no algebra classes and no limits (And no doubt no teaching either)”

Airbnb not so long ago gaslit all their customers by stating prominently on its front-page that it supported “Black Lives Matter” and boy you better too. Well we all support people's rights, no matter what their skin colour is, to live free of the oppressive structures of the State that tend to enforce those privileges or lack of them but supporting “Black Lives Matter” the organisation full of, and more to the point funded by, privileged 'white people' is quite another matter. As Airbnb seemed to notice very quickly.

It's clear that the Green School is privilege squared. And that capitalism has created a club which both it and Airbnb (along with media such as Stuff) share membership of.

#politics #JamesPEShaw #GreenSchool

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Subtitle: Greenwashing the greenwasher

Scott Hamilton, who impresses as a 'house nigger'* to the Labour Party to my eyes, tries to give legs in a recent series of tweets to a fable that the Green School is run by enlightened American capitalists trying to push a kinder capitalism. He lightly criticizes James Shaw (as Blairite) in the process but (probably deliberately) misses the meat in the sandwich. Both the Green School and Future Considerations, which was the outfit that Shaw 'worked' for when providing 'advice' to such outfits as HSBC, BP & Shell when based in London (I bet you he still spends half the year there) were raised by Big Oil. The reason that Shaw pushed for the Green School funding was because he was told to by his, and the Green Schools, oil industry funders. Shaw has never advised anybody, instead he's been trained to greenwash on behalf of the companies that Scott states are his clients.

Interesting that Scott Hamilton's father in law was involved with the Bali Green School outfit. I didn't see that one coming, Scott...

I will give James Shaw some credit too, he's not a full blown fascist like Marama Davidson, Golriz Ghahraman & Chloe Swarbrick are. He's not far away though.

But what Scott Hamilton is doing here, is greenwashing the greenwasher.

Where does that leave us? Julie Anne Genter has some oil connections too but at the moment she, as long as she dumps her 'transwomen are women' mantra and stops gaslighting the NZ electorate with it, is the Green's only currently redeemable MP. She's also the only one with any real achievements under her belt for the last three years.

.* if I may use this somewhat rude term in these so politically correct times on someone who is, as far as I know, 100% Pakeha. It's a somewhat rude way of saying that Scott is an in-house historian.

#climatechange #politics #mensrights

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subtitle: Summer camps masquerading as schools, oil companies, greenwashing Green Party leaders and Panama Papers mentions.

Here from The former link is

Until recently the Green Party have had a remarkably easy run to the coming election despite being at the forefront of some very contentious issues such as transgender claims on women's spaces and the coming referendum on the legality, or not, of cannabis. There's also the almost uncommented on shifting aside of Gareth Hughes who is the Green Party's only connection to a previous environmentally focused, rather than identity politics focused, Green Party. In addition there are issues of race which the very white Green Party MPs seem peculiarly focused on making sure in the process that they throw in enough 'Kia oras' and 'e hoas' in an attempt to legitimise their distance from the (Pakeha, i.e. white) New Zealand establishment. You could also add in James Shaw's very strong connections to the oil industry via the London based & PwC raised greenwashing outfit Future Considerations which has had almost no coverage, considered obviously to be of little import by New Zealands (supposedly) fourth estate.

It's a very odd establishment newsmedia protection of the Green Party this is, a gift horse that should not have been looked in the mouth. But nobody passed this on to James Shaw so this rather odd immunity ended last week with the announcement of the Government grant of $11.7 million to the Taranaki based Green School which was by all accounts a decision promoted and pushed hard by the very same James Shaw. Taranaki is of course the epicentre of New Zealand's fossil fuel industries and addressing the need to go past fossil fuels in the (very) near future has been part of the justification of the grant put forward by both Labour party MPs and James Shaw. There is of course a connection but it's a sop to the greenwashing section of the fossil fuel industry and not, as claimed, a way out of the obscene mess that the same industry has bought the world to while creating the Earth's richest elite ever seen in the process. This same elite seem unable to see the world in anything but oil tinted glasses offering one capitalist opportunity after another.

And that's an elite where the Green School is based although the oil connections are not immediately Western as such. As well as the connections to the oil industry it is also a property development business much more so than an education business (some commentators on the Bali school page even wonder if there is an educational focus at all) and it has no genuine ecological claims whatsoever, unless you call Jetson style design fantasies ecological. It is therefore perfect for the current Green Party of New Zealand.

The first Green School was built in Bali and daily tours are conducted to the school for both those who are holidaying in Bali and those rich enough to think about being able to send their children to the school. Ridiculously the school in Bali has a roll that is well over 90% foreign. So the students undoubtedly fly in and out of Bali several times a year, a claim on the environment in CO2 emissions of aircraft that no amount of Bamboo in your school, or residential, build is going to make up for. The business case seems to be to buy some (relatively) cheap land build the school and then build a whole bunch of houses using materials such as bamboo (allegedly imported from South America for the Bali build) nearby on 1000 square metre sections. And that's exactly what has happened in Taranaki where the Green School currently sits alone in a rural area but only if you're not looking at the local council maps. Once you've seen these you will not wonder what's going on when bamboo structures start going up on all the subdivided sections (how did the Green School get around the local Taranaki rural zone regulations one wonders). It doesn't take much effort to figure out what this really is, a summer camp for aircraft addicted oil industry holiday makers with inbuilt babysitting and associated parent's accommodation. Which is about as green as your average aircraft addicted Green Party MP.

This is plainly not a school but an accommodation business built on snake oil, property snake oil, which unfortunately has quite a recent pedigree in New Zealand. So who is involved in the Green School? In New Zealand the Green School has been promoted and, until recently, funded (one assumes) by the Perretts, Michael & Rachel. Michael sold his air conditioning business a few years ago which by their own account has given them quite a lot of money to play with. But it would be remiss to forget that their business partners are in the oil industry not exactly an industry short of capital. Anyway there is a youtube video online, 'Rethining Education' (sic) where the couple are interviewed for 30 (long) minutes about this school. On ecological issues they make not one statement and they show no understanding of the current climate crisis that we are starting to endure. The interview is instead full of the sort of terminology that you'd expect to hear from evangelical preachers and they constantly refer to their notes for their key points.

It is interesting too that the Green School in New Zealand shares its IP with two other domains, one of which is a local website which focuses on big gas guzzling American Cars ( and the other ( which was registered in 2018 for those of a conspirational bent) which resolves to a log-in page at the local New Plymouth Boys High School. Obviously neither of these facts are appropriate for such an enterprise and just as obviously someone at the New Plymouth Boys High School has some questions to answer. But also quite obviously the original Green School in Bali is not of the Perretts' making so a trip to the company register in New Zealand is where you go to seek insight at who started what looks to be a franchise (other 'schools' being opened recently in South Africa and Mexico in areas where gas & oil production is also quite evident). And here we find a person called Salman Ahmad Mannan in the shareholdings (alongside the Perretts) of Green School Farms Limited.

And this brings us to our conclusion although there are other connections but that's for a Ted talk at some later time in the future, Ms Klein. Salman Ahmad Mannan (probably also known by a few other names) is a partner of MarcWhittaker Capital Limited and has also been a partner in Deloitte both based in Singapore. His main work seems to be with the Oil industry including Shell. Green Schools International is also supposed to be a Singapore based company but the Singapore registry indicates that it is actually a Non-registered entity which probably means that it is actually registered in a tax avoiding jurisdiction. Salman Ahmad Mannan has form here as he manages to get a mention in the Panama Papers (Laveco Ltd & Kiraly Enterprises Limited) of a few years ago, being a client of Mossack Fonseca and being associated with various companies, mostly now struck off due to non-payment of registration fees, in the Virgin Islands. Future Considerations, James Shaw's greenwashing agency, is also in this type of jurisdiction. The 'accountants' listed on their website in the late 2000s were Nigerian scammers. In fact as already mentioned Future Considerations is basically a scammer. Nigeria of course produces a lot of oil, as well as scammers, and oil is never far away from James Shaw. Nor it seems is scamming.

The Greenschool grant (not a loan, a grant) is a clusterfuck which due to the Green Party leader's support of, and the support from Chris Hipkins and Grant Robertson of the Labour Party should end the Jacinda Ardern Government. James Shaw could possibly resolve this by resigning. Marama Davidson would ideally go at the same time. But the Green Party has no back-up, the MPs down the list are no better.

Where does that leave us? Nowhere good and certainly not addressing climate change, which is rather ironic. But the Green Party is not currently about climate change so a clean out would give it an opportunity to change its focus back to where it should be. The alternative which we have now, and not to put too fine a point on it, is a fossil fueled fascism.

Links for the proof of all the claims in this article shall be added later. Regarding the stupidity and arrogance of Grant Robertson, Chris Hipkins & James Shaw & the current Green Party's politics the evidence is all circumstantial but also fairly evident one would think.

Update 20200904: It seems likely this article is now being used as a source for the National Party & media. So I'm going to leave the links out for now as I'm not going to do your job for free guys.

#climatechange #politics #feminism

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“Cycling is a convenient, fun, affordable and healthy way to travel around Dunedin, whether to get you to work or school, for recreation, or to experience Dunedin’s scenery.” Dunedin City Council website.

Oh if only it was so. It is true of the first cycle path to be built in modern times in Otago (of which Dunedin is the main city) but this is a tourist oriented cycle trail from Middlemarch to Clyde, through Central Otago, a distance of about 150 kilometres (the Central Otago Rail Trail) and it starts about 80km away from Dunedin. It was built on the carcass of the railway that had been there from as early as 1877 until 1990 when it was pulled up by the neo-liberal government of the time (there were several) who had taken this toxic ideology very much to heart. So there is some regret involved. Today you can only see the former history of this railway at a local museum in the small town of Ranfurly which was previously the halfway stop on the train ride between Dunedin & Clyde. The current cycle trail that replaced it is very much targeted at tourists and due to its success it has stimulated similar cycle trails in other parts of New Zealand. It is nevertheless not that well used compared to cycle paths elsewhere. Estimates, before the worldwide lockdowns of the last few months, were about 10-14,000 people annually.

How cycling trails developed in Central Otago is also the Dunedin experience, the main spend on cycle paths has been to those parts of Dunedin that the tourists like to visit such as the Otago Peninsula. Through areas that the council is trying to promote to developers (the Harbourfront) or past the extremely expensive stadium where there is a rather nice but very much under utilised cycle bridge nearby. This 48km (when it’s finished) cycle path is rather disjointed in places and still not complete but when it is it will be a nice enough ride and a quite scenic one.

Dunedin harbour with the current and proposed cycle path from Port Chalmers to Point Harrington Dunedin harbour with the current and proposed cycle path (in red) from Port Chalmers (top LHS) to Point Harrington (top RHS). Photo credit: David Wall/Alamy Stock Photo

“When a balcony was at least six feet deep it tended to be used: children played there, people took time with their coffee or had lunch on a small table, basked in the sunshine, and enjoyed their connection to the street, watching the world go by. On the other hand, a balcony under six feet in depth would not be used, collected junk, and mostly became little more than a place where laundry was hung to dry.” Brömmelstroet et al, “Towards a pattern language for cycling environments: merging variables and narratives, Applied Mobilities” 2018.

Just as with the balcony in this quote the cycling infrastructure for getting to school, to work or to visit friends in the urban areas of Dunedin is almost non-existent and, where it does exist, is not fit for purpose and largely unused. It is single lane in most places, always on the side of a very busy road, often hemmed in by large concrete barriers, badly signposted and sometimes finishes on one side of the road and then starts on the other side of the road. An enjoyable experience it is certainly not. One could also suspect that it was designed to fail, maybe as a result of compromise, something possibly evidenced by a (successful) candidate for Dunedin Council, Jules Radich, who in the last local election campaign suggested that cyclists should “use it or lose it”.

This was the same election that elected the Greens candidate Aaron Hawkins as Mayor who hardly mentioned cycling in any part of his own election campaign. He did though make a big deal of hitchhiking from his home in Port Chalmers and although, if stories are to be believed, one could be a little skeptical of this Aaron should still keep in mind that there is indeed, as mentioned earlier, a very good cycle trail almost all the way from Dunedin to Port Chalmers, where Mayor Hawkins lives. So an electric cycle could conceivably help him to make the trip to the Council offices even faster than it would take him to hitchhike.

“Riding side by side, friends can catch up, couples can share moments, parent and child can learn together, and colleagues can work out difficult decisions.” Brömmelstroet et al, “Towards a pattern language for cycling environments: merging variables and narratives, Applied Mobilities” 2018.

Dutch girls cycling to school Dutch girls cycling to school. Credit: G, Hulster., A. Gielen, J. Dirks, M. te Brömmelstroet, (2020) Why We Cycle.

I’m guessing most of us could complain about our own city’s cycling infrastructure all day long. But the key takeaway should be that if you’re going to succeed in changing the focus of your city from cars to cycling then first of all you have to make it enjoyable for the citizens of your city. Although Dunedin is quite hilly in parts there is also a fair bit of flat ground in the city all the way from the University area to the beach at St Clair. These areas of Dunedin also have a slight majority of the population of the city. So it’s my view that there are some relatively small changes that could get quite a lot of people in Dunedin onto cycles and more importantly enjoying it into the bargain.

“For the most part people travel not just for the sake of it, but in order to participate in spatially disjointed activities (for example, living, working, shopping, visiting in different places)” Luca Bertolini and Frank le Clercq, Urban development without more mobility by car? Lessons from Amsterdam, a multimodal urban region

Young Dutch Men out on the town. Young Dutch Men out on the town. G, Hulster., A. Gielen, J. Dirks, M. te Brömmelstroet, (2020) Why We Cycle.

There is a large green belt that follows the northerly half of this flat area right around to South Dunedin (albeit there would be a small climb to it initially). At South Dunedin a cycle path that kept to the side of this Green Belt could join up with the main street of South Dunedin right through to Victoria Street at the beach. Intersecting this main street we also have Hillside road which has adequate room for two generous cycle paths on either side of it while still keeping the current two lanes for motor vehicles. Macandrew and Bay View Roads could be turned into one way roads (respectively away from Harbour and towards Harbour) with the remaining part of each of these roads turned over to bi-directional cycle paths. Bay View Road can then join up with the rather good cycle path along Portobello Road and both streets can join up with the cycle path that runs along Portsmouth drive to the city (joining Port Chalmers and Harington Point). We would also need some feeder cycle paths in the city and University areas to the two main cycle paths at the Harbour and at the Green Belt. A cycle path along Forbury Road/David Street from Caversham to St Clair and another from the St Clair esplanade to join up with the current cycle path on Queens Drive would complete this cycle path plan.

There are a dozen or more Secondary Schools and numerous primary schools that are close by these suggested bicycle paths and the appeal for these students of cycling to school cannot be understated. But it could also be noted that girls school uniforms in Dunedin might discourage girls from riding bikes to school, Dutch students ride to their schools in every day clothes.

The Dunedin Council circa 2013 had similar plans, albeit mostly with shared roads rather than cycle paths. I also think that shared roads can work but you need to reduce the speeds to 30kmh on such roads and cars would need to know that they were ‘guests’ on the same. This has worked in the Netherlands, for example, but it is not really suitable for the suggested cycle path plan as outlined here.

My suggested cycle paths for Dunedin My suggested cycle paths for Dunedin, Credit: Apple Maps/Richard Seager

Thus we have cycle paths on both sides of the University, one via the harbour and one via the Green Belt to South Dunedin where there are multiple elementary and high schools several of which would be very well served by these suggested cycle paths. Students of both schools and the University would then hopefully be the impetus for further development of cycle paths in Dunedin proper, which I would hope would include a completely car-free University precinct. And I am certain that you could think of something similar for your own town or city.

Dunedin could trial such changes as these mentioned in this article using funding made available for temporary cycleways from the New Zealand government in a policy announced by the Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter on 12th April.

Richard Seager recently successfully completed a short course with the University of Amsterdam via titled “Unraveling the Cycling City”. He also stood unsuccessfully for Council and Mayor for Dunedin Council in 2019, his first attempted foray into local politics, on a very cycling focused platform. He has a post graduate diploma with a focus on climate science and cycles in Dunedin on a daily basis.

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I recently completed this course by the University of Amsterdam with a 100% pass rate via Coursera!

#cycling #dunedin

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This little ditty of mine was originally published on 1st August, 2019. Jack Brazil is the Green Candidate for Dunedin in the NZ national election that is currently slated for September 19th, 2020.

I'm not his greatest fan.

those two pampered poodles
Jack, what exactly is their
carbon footprint
Is their daily shampoo
From a plastic bottle
Is their food local
Is it Taieri vegan
Or is it canned horse from Dubbo
Flown in on chartered jumbo
Is your messiah
a reworked Ronald Reagan
Is there a thatcher in the rye
Do your pews have cushions
Is your theology liberational
How much does
your preacher cost exactly.....

#poetry #jackbrazil

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Don't forget to vote Dunedin...

My blurb

Vote #1 for Richard Seager I will put 21st Century non-car focused transport systems in place, address the debt issues, attend to equity of all of the citizens of Dunedin especially women whose franchise needs to be extended not denied, work at getting small market gardens, orchards and crops prioritized working with the farming community and others to do so and put the pressure on banks (both local and international) to finance this at very low interest rates. I will look at all housing options and work to move the State Highway and new hospital build to higher ground with the added benefits of better access and less disruption in the city. I will initiate an action plan for South Dunedin making sure that the local residents are informed and involved. I will visit all the sister cities of Dunedin as soon as practicable (and as sustainably as possible) starting with Otaru on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, with the intent of getting support for the above policies and co-operation regarding food production. I will also attempt to build strong relationships with other cities on the Pacific Rim and in the Pacific including those of our neighbours Southland and Canterbury.

I also have dual Australian/NZ citizenship so you can rely on me building relationships with Australia (I would say 'better relationships' but I don't think that there are any at the moment).

I am, as you can see above, also strongly in favour of more independence in local government which has some support in the local government act (2002).

Enrol and Vote You can still enrol to vote. The actual voting stops at noon on Saturday 12th October. Tomorrow, Tuesday 8th October, is the last day to vote by mail (in fact due to various factors in my view it’s too late to vote by mail with 100% security that your vote will count).

Enrolling How to enrol to vote – Friday the 11th November is the last day to enroll to vote for council elections. Tel. 0800 367656

Or at any Postshop, or at the city council library or the main council office in the Octagon. If you are returning enrollment forms you can also deliver to these places.

If you have printed out your enrolment form and want to send it back, you can actually upload it (probably at this stage the best way of sending it back);

Voting You need to be living at new address for 4 weeks to vote there. Otherwise you will to make a special vote. (I am unsure if you are allowed to vote using your previous address if you have only recently left).

Once you have filled out your voting form you will need to mail it by today (8th October) if you feel brave enough to trust it will make it on time or more reliably take it to the Elections office at the Council (off the Octagon) or to one of these;

The Civic Centre, the Octagon | Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm |Sat, 8.30am-12pm

Mosgiel Library | Mon, 11am-4pm, Fri, 1-4pm

University of Otago – the Link | Tues, 10am-4pm, Thurs, 10am-4pm

South Dunedin Library | Weds, 11am-4pm

You can drop papers off at the Book Bus ballot box, but you can’t make a special vote on the bus. Information on what a special vote is HERE

Once again the actual enrollment process (so as you can vote) can be done at any Postshop, or at the city council library or the main council office in the Octagon.

The candidates.

#dcc #councilelections #vote #RichardSeager

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A placeholder.

I will be in South Dunedin today, but will aim to write something on this debt tonight.

But selling poorly performing companies for a song (as you have no choice) is not the answer to this one. Selling well performing companies is also not the answer as they'll (there's only one, forestry) be sold cheaply anyway (as they always are, 40% discount seems common) and will only retire part of the debt.

#dcc #debt #stadium #forestry

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