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......Part of the climate change focused LGB supporting non-woke 'shove your rainbow' resistance ...... “Not going to rock the boat. Going to sink the ship"

Subtitle: Something is happening here.

More soon.

#politics #climatechange #TWAM #feminism #goawayfascists

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Subtitle: You've got to be kidding

John McEnroe, asked about his finals match against Chris Lewis at Wimbledon in 1983 said something along the lines of 'well I didn't have anything to do with him getting to the final'.


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Subtitle: Doing something useful

As a result of my studies this year on cycling infrastructure my views have become harder in relation to the ability of cycles and cars to cooperate. For example it is clear that cycles alongside trams were becoming the default transport option of Dunedinites in the first half of the 20th Century. If only that had continued. Instead the rich and their automobiles won the day and the fight was not exactly a kosher one. So in my view it's time to take up the cudgels again and the ideal would be to remove private cars from urban areas completely, with the only options being non-private mini-cars (such as the Biro, Twingo or the Citroen Ami) for those who require them due to age or health issues and delivery vehicles both operating at much reduced speed limits. For most of us the combination of Trams, trains & cycles will be much cheaper for us, much better health wise for us and much better for our democracies as it will get people talking to each other. Just being on a cycle means that you're constantly making decisions and interacting with others. The side effects, and there are papers on this topic, will be even more beneficial in defunding and deligitimising the capitalism that is leading us to fascism.

Here's the certificate for the last course that I did, thanks to George and Lior at Humankind.

#climatechange #cycling #cyclinginfrastructure

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Subtitle: Hypocrite.

I'm getting a little tired of pointing out the venal, corrupt, stupid & the homophobic misogynists, including those who are women (for those confused by modern gaslighting I consider 'transwomen' to be men). So I promise the next post will be about what we can do, not what others shouldn't be doing. But I can't let this one go.

Steve Elers is apparently a homophobe for this;

But Farrier is not for this?

The guy is a gold star hypocrite.

#politics #transgender #homophobes #davidfarrier @davidfarrier #steveelers

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Subtitle: That's a mighty big house Chris Staynes. Hope somebody doesn't blow it down.

Somebody has pointed out to me that the rather large building on Highgate in Maori Hill is actually councillor Chris Staynes new house. The same person said 'why does he need such a big house at his age?'

Indeed. The section is 801 m2 which is quite normal although purchased with a (now knocked down) house in 2017 for 650k (which nevertheless seems rather a cheap house for that position) but the new house, without having a close look at it, is probably a solid 500-600m2 house. It looks to be at least three stories in an area where the largest houses are two stories. My own thoughts on it over the last few years as it grew hidden behind a 'tent' was that it must have been an apartment building.

This needs a closer look. There seem to have been some unusual resource consents granted

it's a monstrosity in that area and Staynes needs to have been hands off on this one or he surely faces further questions. It's also got to be a few million dollar build. Others are commenting in the ODT on councilor salaries which are 70k or so.

It also has to be a big drag on energy. I'm glad I don't have to add it to my carbon footprint.

In other news, do those in charge of the Dunedin Hospital build have all their consents signed off yet? And have they figured out how to float their hospital yet? Rumours are, no surprise here when you're building in the 1860s harbour, that the piles are going down a long way. And did I hear a little birdy mentioning that the Chinese are quite adamant that the (at least) 1.4 billion dollar build should be theirs?

#chrisstaynes #dcc #politics

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Does not make sense.

Article about such folly in today's Fairfax press (it was carried in the ODT).

Assets Vulnerable to Climate Change Related Floods

This report is based on the very conservative IPCC 5th Assessment reports from several years ago. These reports fail to take into consideration any Antarctic melt.

This Hospital is likely to have Sea Level Rise issues before it is finished. David Clarke made a big mistake here.

As a contrast here's Californian advice on such low level (i.e. metres above sea level) development.

This article was originally posted August 22nd, 2019.

#climatechange #sealevelrise #slr #IPCC

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Subtitle: Someone needs a tickle.

David Farrier, whose movie from a few years ago 'Tickled' may have driven its main target to suicide is now rounding on Steve Elers of Massey University for resisting the use of pronouns and other crimes. He is doing so while supposedly maintaining his own moral rectitude. Woke or old style prude with a predilection for enforcing his will on others? Who am I to say...

Some on Twitter seem to be surprised at this 'recent turn'. Not me. Here's Farrier, urban Auckland Pakeha and in all likelihood significantly richer than Steve Elers (regional Maori) on punching down.

Personally I think that you can punch down on occasion but that if you take your equity, equality or anti-capitalism seriously then most of your punches should be upwards, David. Like this blog post for example. Are you going to try and cancel me?

Same day Update: David has succeeded in running Steve Elers out of his job at the Manawatu Guardian. I don't really see that he could have been able to do that without some serious firepower behind him. So he's not just punching down, he's punching down with powerful mates. Creep factor, keeping in mind the movie 'Tickled' and its impacts, is 10/10.

Here he is on this topic on his own blog, which you can't comment on unless you pay him, or if he gives you a free subscription I guess. So I've trolled him.

God he's a wanker. And a hypocrite.

#hypocriticalarseholes #politics #transgender

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Subtitle: Locking down a State in a woke world.

Victoria has suffered under some terrible Premiers in the last decades. Jeff Kennett is the one who comes to mind, a Liberal (i.e. Tory) Premier who went after the Teachers and Nurses (i.e. women) and Trams (i.e. working class transport) big time. But in my view Daniel Andrews, the current Labor Premier of Victoria, is worse. Victoria recently enacted some legislation in the dead of night that means you can change your sex (no it's not 'gender' whatever the hell that word actually means these days, but even more ridiculously it's 'sex') at whim as long as you only do it every 12 months.

Daniel Andrew's latest trick is to impose a police state on Victoria with COVID-19 as the justification (natch). This is mainly being resisted by right wing Victorians at the moment but hopefully left wing Victorians wake up before it's too late. It was therefore good to hear some criticism of Daniel Andrew's lockdown from some Victorian epidemiologists on RNZ this morning. The next stage of this RNZ would be to offer contrary NZ epidemiologists a chance to state their case. Because we're all mighty sick of this gaslighting especially with the example of Sweden to tell those who need to be told to 'naff off'. And yes that 'naff off' might include you too, Michael Baker.

#politics #transgender #covid19 #danielandrews #oz #australia

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Subtitle: Losing my religion.

The only politicians addressing the transgender attempts to send our societies back to a non-democratic form, with their attacks on women's rights everywhere, seem to be conservative politicians. So called (small l) liberal or socially progressive politicians are very noticeable in their absence and this is a blight on them. Will I ever vote for the left again? Not in its current form, no.

Senator Claire Chandler is very good here. Would I vote conservative (the Liberal party in Australia) for the first time if she was my local Senator? Yes I would, especially when the other side is just rotten to the core.

It's a good idea to download, screenshot or otherwise record politics that challenge the 'trans' narrative, as they will work on removing them as quick as they can and what was there will no longer be there, so confident they are in their own ideas. Here is a list of video downloaders for Macs;

I use 4k Video downloader which works fine.

And speaking of unlikely political bedmates, I'm an atheist but there's not much I disagree with Brandon, a conservative Christian, on here. It's a hard watch but if you want to get an idea of what is going on, how this is something that needs to be resisted before they come for you, please take 40 minutes to watch it;

#politics #feminism #transgender #ClaireChandler #tasmania #oz #australia

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Subtitle: Or is it a DFool?

Siouxsie Wiles, all over New Zealand news media over the last 6 months or more for her supposed expertise on COVID-19, claims to have a Ph.D and at least once she's claimed that it is from Oxford, the implication of course being that it's from Oxford University. Doctorates from Oxford University are normally called a DPhil rather than Ph.D, or PHD as referred to on at least one of Siouxsie's copious social media or online biography pages. But there's no evidence of such a doctorate, whatever it is called, for example this database has no record of it;

And Siouxsie's Wikipedia page referenced this paper as her Ph.D thesis before I challenged it a few months ago (the Wikipedia link is to an archived version of her page).

That paper is only 10 pages long, it has three co-authors which would be very unusual for a thesis and nowhere other than Wikipedia do I see it mentioned as a thesis. The chances of that paper being her thesis are close to zero.

I've filed an OIA at Auckland University to proffer up proof that Siouxsie Wiles has what she claims to have. What prompted that?

This bit of anti-science (and good on you Sammy, we need more of you – Keywords: woman, PhD);

And advisor rather than supervisor? I know that there might be some terminology differences between countries but I thought the term was 'supervisor'. And yes you are supposed to notice the pink hair, it's better than concentrating on her 'expertise' in whatever field the NZ newsmedia has asked her to comment on today. Anyway...

20200909 Update: Siouxsie has had a go at defending her Ph.D on Twitter. That's novel. There is still no thesis offered in evidence though. But at least we've cleared up that it's not an Oxbridge PhD. And bonus, we have extras! Bill Gates eh? And not to miss the little dash of libel. I might take it more seriously but ...

#badscience #science #politics #feminism #actualfeminists #actualscientists #transgender #siouxsiewiles @siouxsiew #siouxsiew #fyi #oia #phd

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