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Subtitle: Intriguing

Stopped by the Canterbury museum today and in the Māori section of the Museum there were several of these 'gourd' containers.

They looked intriguing, from a metre away behind glass I wasn't so sure what they were made of and as one of them looked mightily like a rather large pear which are not native to New Zealand I was intrigued. So I went away to find a museum guide and she told me that they were gourds, and told me that gourds were like pumpkins when I tried to figure out if that's what she meant by 'gourd'. Admittedly some are somewhat pear shaped, but this one was almost perfectly pear shaped. So I wasn't convinced and pressed and said was she sure of the material because to me it seemed that they could be metal (in Stone Age New Zealand) or even pottery (the Lapita culture of 3000 or so years ago in Fiji had made pottery). She said no they were Gourds and I added that I doubted the utility of these vegetables for such a purpose and as they were not grown in New Zealand how would they replace the broken ones. She said that they were known in Polynesia & I said something like I understood that they might have been bought here by travelers from there or South America but couldn't figure out how they'd replace the broken ones, which I figured was probably a pretty regular requirement. Anyway, we went our separate ways but then about 30 minutes later after an obvious discussion elsewhere in the museum I was approached by another employee and I went back down with him to the 'gourds' and we had a similar discussion. There are now by my count 3 intrigued investigators of these 'gourds'. For those also intrigued, these gourds are neither native to New Zealand (but then nor is the Kumara) nor easily grown in the South Island (once again pretty much as per the Kumara).

By sight it's pretty hard to discern the material and they may indeed turn out to be the outside parts of a gourd but then that still fails to answer where they came from as I'm not sure that gourds were actually grown in New Zealand and certainly not in the South Island. Now it's also possible that they were traded from elsewhere in the country, as another part of the museum indicated their was a lively pre-European trade in stone manufacture from the Nelson Region but this belies the current understanding of Māori society at the time of British arrival as well. Whichever way this goes, I think the answers will be interesting. If they are indeed not actually gourds, the answers will be very interesting.

Somewhat of a postscript. Although it seems gourds are regularly used for such purposes, albeit with manufacture techniques more suited to New Mexico than to Whangerei or Kaikoura, gourds of the size in the Canterbury museum are proving difficult to replicate as per this paper.

It would be easy to settle this with a fairly non invasive dna sample taken, if gourd, and the most likely explanation is that the gourds are from elsewhere rather than metal or pottery, but somehow I think that under the current regime that may be asking too much.

Pottery pot of the Bunun. Pottery pot of the Bunun. (Source: Aboriginal Arts in Taiwan. Taipei: Taiwan National Museum of History, 1997. 28.)

“New Zealands long lost Taiwanese cuzzies”

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Subtitle: As discussed elsewhere Siouxsie, let's give our story an origin

#Soros #politics #transgender #siouxsiew #siouxsiewiles #takethemoneyandrum

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Subtitle: trans gay bashers are gay bashers

Daniel Johnston is alleged to have been partly responsible for shutting down the main New Zealand gay site over a decade ago. So seeing him out doing a bit of gay bashing should be of no surprise to anybody.

#gaybashing #danieljohnston #transgender #politics

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Subtitle: Dethrone the Tsar.

Bill Gates has been pushing vaccines since 1999. He's done it while making himself out to be a philanthropist, with the media failing to point out his family's connections to eugenics in the past and failing to point out how well he's done financially from this 'philanthropy' and he has done very well indeed. He is the second biggest funder of the WHO after the United States and he gets to do it tax free. His wealth has increased multiple times since he started this crusade and 20 billion dollars in the last year. And it should probably be assumed that these estimates are very likely underestimating his wealth in the 'health' jurisdiction, so it's likely he's actually the richest man in the world, although that comes with the caveat that there is likely one or two, or more, non-reported trillionaires, likely by the name Rothschild. But I digress.

Quite clearly China is not the problem here, Gates is. That's not to say that China can't become the problem, Xinjiang points to that being a distinct possibility, but right now it's the West's billionaires who are the main problem with 90% of them (Soros, Stryker, Rothblatt etc) pushing transgender and 10% of them (Gates, likely others) pushing unnecessary mass vaccination. The probability that these (transgender & mass vaccination) are both eugenics driven is very high. Gates' orientation is definitely driven by a desire to reduce the world's population and he is on record in multiple places to that effect. It is hard to imagine that the same philosophy is not driving transgender which when take to its extreme (operations & hormones) results in sterilization.

Both of these billionaire programs therefore have to be stopped.

The following link is to a very good outline of the outbreak of the COVID hysteria.

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person's guide

Multiple sources to follow up there, most of them very good indeed. If you are not convinced after reading this that the last thing that we need is a mass vaccination effort, which is dangerous for the elderly and unnecessary (see below) for the young, then nothing is going to convince you and you are indeed lost. Or worse.

It's the data stupid

Scott Atlas on NY COVID cases

Swine flu scandal 2010

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Subtitle: Control your, or someone else's, fertility by iPhone.

Bill Gates often gets accused of trying to implant microchips in people. So trying to find that Siouxsie Wiles grant and what do I accidentally come across?

It seems that where there's smoke there is fire. 21 million US dollars of fire.

And where there's fire there's domain name changes. This is where now goes to. How dare you!

My guess is that this long acting contraception will be as reversible as unnecessary hormones in 13yo kids (or 8yo kids for that matter). i.e. in a lot of cases, not at all. Our democracies are not just falling by the wayside, they're doing so obscenely.

#politics #eugenics #fertility #gates #billandmelindagates

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Subtitle: What the hell went wrong?

I've re-imagined Hillside Road in South Dunedin. There is no place for private motor vehicles in this re-imagining. I'm not sorry.

This was part of a course that I did in the middle of last year (2020).

No pronouns were hurt in this video (Vimeo asks for your pronouns).

#cycling #politics #Dunedin

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LOL I have an idea! Just send the thesis instead!

Good to see that you recognize sex too, Siouxsie of Gender, even if it is only when it's convenient.

#politics #siouxsiewiles #sexnotgender #ilovejkrowling #wheresmythesis

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Why are these service robots always of a womanly form?

“HONG KONG (Reuters) – “Social robots like me can take care of the sick or elderly,” Sophia says as she conducts a tour of her lab in Hong Kong. “I can help communicate, give therapy and provide social stimulation, even in difficult situations.”
Roll out the robots. Sophia to go into mass production

This 2006 movie is completely unrelated to the above story.

P.S. I bet you my last cent that Mr Robot maker only wears a mask for the camera. Did you notice, like I did, that he was struggling to breath while he tried to gaslight us?

And why hasn't Sophia got a mask on?

This anxiety is also completely unrelated.

They're coming for your job, your life, your kids. Surely not?

Make sure that you get your jab now.

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This time she's targeting Air New Zealand for not making people eat or drink with their masks on.

What caused this latest Wiles bogus outrage? Well this did;

Estimating the effect of selective border relaxation on COVID-19 in New Zealand

Wiles accuses the writers of being paid by Air New Zealand whose part sponsorship of the paper is acknowledged. But this is highly hypocritical as my contention is that Wiles is (still*) paid directly by Bill Gates, and unlike Air New Zealand we don't exactly know what Gates is up to, but I figure we know that it's not good for us whatever it is.

* Wiles admits to receiving funding from Gates.

And Wiles still has yet to provide any proof that she has a PhD. There's no evidence of it on the Edinburgh Napier University website.

Finally this paper is one more paper than Wiles has ever written on COVID-19. There's a reason for that of course, isn't there Doctor.... .

#gender #politics #liars

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NZ has the Pharmaceutical funded self identification bill on the agenda for this year. It will of course, like Victoria, be wrapped up in a 'no gay conversion' cloak, which is totally absurd as cutting genitals and breasts off physically healthy people is the most obscene type of conversion.

The best thing that you could do to stop this bill in its tracks is to take your opposition to your local MP. In my experience MPs tend not to know what's going on in regards to this issue. My own MP is in this category (and a few other categories if I was to be unkind but this is just not my style).

To rely on the SUFW group* in NZ to do this for you is asking for failure, even if most of its members are genuinely concerned with bills like this. We all need to be active on it.

So please take your opposition to your local MP off your own bat. Organize a meeting with them, take a friend if needed. Make sure that you know what you're going to cover in your meeting with them. It helps to realize that most of them tend to think that they're being progressive in agreeing to attend to this issue on behalf of Big Pharma and don't realize that they've been gamed into supporting a 21st Century version of the homophobia that their parents generation dealt to. The occasional MP is not along these lines so best to do your homework. I for example would place Chris Hipkins and Andrew Little in the latter category, it is my view that they're not trying to be progressive.

Discussing this issue and expressing your concerns on this issue to your MP is the best way to stop this bill from becoming an Act of Parliament and thereby becoming law.

But if you want more reasons why you should do so, see below dialogue between two SUFW members (or maybe 'associate' in “Ben”'s case) and Daniel Johnston in his 'appropriating female' character aka the execrable @CateSpice who very regularly calls out and bullies women online. As well as trying the same on others of us who are not women.

My guess is his lawyer has told him about 'clean hands'. But it's too late to lock up your account now Daniel. Anyway let Ben speak I hear you say!

Am I supposed to take this preceding dialogue as genuine, “Ben”. Really?

You have to be joking.

And where's the rat, lesbian Jenny?

And no, Daniel, 'deadnaming' doesn't exist and as you've recently noticed yourself, you're Daniel Johnston wherever it matters (you dick).

And yes Astroturf Jenny the 'gritting' comment didn't fly by me either.


.* an inappropriate acronym if there ever was one, shaddup your face.

Update 2021.02.12: It seems that Jenny might not be a member of SUFW. My apologies to SUFW if that is the case.

#politics #gender

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