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Subtitle: do as I say not as I do

The two Green co-leaders, Marama Davidson (pointing in the photo) and James Shaw (the only male* in the photo) fly into New Plymouth to talk to Taranaki principals who are understandably livid about the 11.7 million dollars granted to the Green School con. So do they drive in their electric car from Wellington (4.5 hours) or from Auckland (slightly less than 4.5 hours). Not on your nelly. They fly of course which is the most unsustainable way, in regard to CO2 emissions, of getting to New Plymouth. It would also mean 30 minutes to the airport, 45 minutes at least in Departures & 20 minutes at arrivals, plus the time taken to get to the actual destination. Plus an hour in the air. Hopefully no delays. How long? Yes you guessed it, at least 4.5 hours.

Green MPs should not be allowed to fly by air in the North Island which is where they're all based. In fact a decent arrangement for the whole country should be no flights between two airports on the same island, until, or if, we have sustainable air transport.

God I hate these Greens.

Green MPs land at regional airport. Marama goes, is that Mount Taranaki, I've never been here before

.* adult human male.

#GreenPartyNZ #politics #climatechange

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Subtitle: Soon to be renamed Andrewsgrad

It has come to my attention that Melbourne is part of the Strong Cities Network although officially it's Victoria (so I guess Shepparton, Mildura & Geelong etc are included). This does not look good, to say the least, and it's also a terrible name. Daniel Andrews has some questions to answer. Someone should check his bank account basically. And I wonder if the City of Melbourne (a separate political entity) actually approves considering that it looks like it's an Andrew's initiative (he being the Premier of the State of Victoria which includes Melbourne).

Link is to version so as you don't leave your tracks on the actual website as coming from here.*/

This needs more investigation, as does the claim that Christchurch was/is also part of this 'network'.

Some more investigation
The website is on the same IP as /mensrightslaw . com/ which comes as a real shock to me (ROTFLMAO).

Maybe what is a little more surprising is that its original IP address from 2016 is now home (exclusively, i.e. only one domain on the IP) to /muslims. org/ .

It's a very corrupt world.

#politics #soundsfascist #MRA #TRA

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Subtitle: Literal violence

In an increasingly authoritarian police state put into place by the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Man deliberately run over by police car in Epping, Melbourne.

Same man has his head stomped on by police and put into coma as a result. Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier states that he shouldn't protest (he wasn't, he was psychotic and had been rejected by Austin & Northern Hospitals for care).

Someone leaves boots outside a barn as a protest (i.e. kick him out). Mr Andrews on Tuesday said the person who made that protest should feel 'shame'

Must be so difficult for Daniel Andrews. He has to put up with so much.

#politics #fascistscryingintotheirmilk #covid19

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Subtitle: Bravery in the face of fascism

Needs no further comment.

#politics #transgender #ifyoudisagreeyouareafascist

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Subtitle: Dungarees make the lesbian

Despite still sharing an address on Green Party parliamentary returns with long-time beau Alex Catt (adult human male) Chloe Swarbrick (adult human female) claims to be in a queer relationship with a WA Green. Admittedly Chloe does spend a hell of a lot of time in Perth but when 'home' in Auckland seems to shack up with Alex still. Modern relationships aye? One could also wonder who owns the apartment that Chloe claims to rent.

Beau (mais il n'est pas beau) Alex Catt's company Virtual Blue Limited was also the recipient of a rather large contract in 2019 (a suitable year after Chloe had resigned from a few of his companies) from ECan which is a non-democratic government body in charge of Canterbury water. Nice tenders if you can get them. But one does wonder about the process, aye Alex?

Take a toke on that.

E hoa!

#politics #greensNZ #chloeswarbrick #sorryabouttheumlaut #queeringfascism

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Subtitle: When you don't have any policies that you want the public to know about, pretend that you have some others

2016 John Key initiated a new flag for New Zealand.

2020 Jacinda Ardern initiates a new holiday for New Zealand.

If you like your tokenism and genitals dished up with a smile, well good on you.

#politics #greensNZ #LabourNZ

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Subtitle: how convenient.

Online retail stalled around 2006/07 sitting around the 6% mark in the retail obsessed United States and barely above that level elsewhere except where retail was a monopoly, such as in Serbia or Ireland, or a combination of monopoly and isolation such as New Zealand. Covid-19 has been a godsend for online retail and it is going to be interesting to see where it lands. But it's probably still being over-egged. In my view you'll see a jump to close to 8% in the United States before it falls away again in about 8-12 months time. Retail is a social experience and that's what these e-tailors are missing and no amount of technology is going to make up for it. Of course these are some of the most exploitative employers on the planet as well, and that certainly has to pay at some stage as well.

#business #Covid-19 #e-tail #retail

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Subtitle: ka ching

Anyone that follows the following article through to its conclusion should both recognize some local parallels (i.e. the Greens & especially James Shaw) and be appalled at where the billionaires are trying to lead us. Add in some gender woo woo and in my view these same billionaires, and their cheerleaders, do indeed have some substantial consequences to face. Michael Moore's movie “Planet of the Humans” which is narrated and directed by the excellent Jeff Gibbs is well worth the watch by the way.

Green capitalism is an oxymoron.

Anyway without further ado;

And the background;

#politics #climatechange #greens #jeffgibbs #michaelmoore #wrongkindofgreens

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Subtitle: Better chance of finding god

In her PhD 'defense' on Twitter, Siouxsie Wiles mentioned that she'd received her PhD from Edinburgh Napier University. There is a chance that this is true, but if so it's likely that she's received a PhD via this method (which was one of my OIA questions);

Because not only has Siouxsie Wiles not provided a thesis as evidence that she has a PhD but once again there's no thesis in a search engine that specializes in these sort of searches. This time on the Edinburgh Napier University website, a search from 1997 to 2005 in alphabetical order. It jumps from David Ian White in 2002 to Simon Wilkinson in 2001. There is nobody by the surname of Wiles (a surname that Siouxsie has never stopped using and one that she was definitely using around this period).

For those who are unaware of what a PhD normally entails it's a guided research project over several years supervised by someone at the University you're doing your PhD at who has the qualifications necessary to act as your supervisor (i.e. they have a relevant PhD with research and teaching in that area or jurisdiction). This then results in a substantial (i.e. more or less a book) output which is known as a thesis. At the end of your PhD you defend this thesis in front of a panel (2+) of examiners/academics. And so you become a Doctor (PhD) but not very often a Medical Doctor (MD) as the MD is a separate degree.

20200915 Update: Auckland University has stated in a reply to my OIA that Siouxsie Wiles received her PhD from Edinburgh Napier University in the normal way (not via one of Edinburgh Napier's expedited routes). They have also stated who her supervisors were. But they have also stated that “As noted in the University's Calendar, which is publicly available, Associate Professor Wiles' PhD was awarded by Edinburgh Napier University.” This is not the case, the only reference on Siouxsie Wiles University pages is to the “centre for Ecology and Hydrology in Oxford” which is not part of Oxford University.

But disregarding what seems to be an attempt to associate herself with Oxford rather than Edinburgh Napier University her thesis should be publicly available, but I have yet to find it via a general search, via Edinburgh Napier University or via

There are references to her as a Dr in several places in the 2000s while she was in the UK so these references do not support the idea that she does not have a PhD.

But I think the lack of a thesis in those databases, or for that matter online, or for that matter offered up recently when Siouxsie Wiles reacted to my OIA request is very odd. Someone's thesis is normally much easier to find than this.

#badscience #science #politics #actualscientists #siouxsiewiles @siouxsiew #siouxsiew #fyi #oia #phd

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Subtitle: Sasha Baron Cohen's academic sister gets the axe.

I guess at least Sasha B Cohen was doing it for laughs (still punching down though). But trying to do it for real? The joke is on anyone who believes this woke bullshit to be honest. If you don't know who Jessica Krug is, search her. To clue you in though, Jessica is the gentrifier here and she's doubled down about a 1,000 times before this video. What's worse though is that she was allowed to get away with it for so long. A bit of double privilege going on there methinks.

No allusions there, I promise on my pinky.

Jessica Krug doing Ali G.

And here's Megan Murphy on this topic.

#politics #transrace #gentrifier

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