My continuing cycling infrastructure education

Subtitle: Doing something useful

As a result of my studies this year on cycling infrastructure my views have become harder in relation to the ability of cycles and cars to cooperate. For example it is clear that cycles alongside trams were becoming the default transport option of Dunedinites in the first half of the 20th Century. If only that had continued. Instead the rich and their automobiles won the day and the fight was not exactly a kosher one. So in my view it's time to take up the cudgels again and the ideal would be to remove private cars from urban areas completely, with the only options being non-private mini-cars (such as the Biro, Twingo or the Citroen Ami) for those who require them due to age or health issues and delivery vehicles both operating at much reduced speed limits. For most of us the combination of Trams, trains & cycles will be much cheaper for us, much better health wise for us and much better for our democracies as it will get people talking to each other. Just being on a cycle means that you're constantly making decisions and interacting with others. The side effects, and there are papers on this topic, will be even more beneficial in defunding and deligitimising the capitalism that is leading us to fascism.

Here's the certificate for the last course that I did, thanks to George and Lior at Humankind.

#climatechange #cycling #cyclinginfrastructure

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