“I live in Waikouaiti was I lead poisoned?”

Subtitle: Even a stopped cock is right twice a day.

Morgan Godfery hits most of the right buttons in this article, except for the recommendation of a non-elected agency (like ECan I assume) at the bottom. Nevertheless he's right on the money in regards to Aaron Hawkins and Sandy Graham. Totally normal behavior from Aaron, who couldn't lead a horse to (unleaded) water, but it is truly disgraceful that Graham didn't even see fit to turn up.

I'd disagree about the moodiness too Morgan, but I quibble.


Completely off topic, or is it, but I must pop into Kawerau next time I'm in the BOP.

As an aside I really wanted to go to this meeting but on that Friday afternoon we were on our way to our summer holiday north of there and the 6 hour return trip back to Waikouaiti didn't enthuse me and a 4 or 5 hour stop in Waikouaiti on the way through didn't enthuse my family. And I was just a few days back from 3 months in Australia/Isolation. So we drove through instead.

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