Green School Taranaki update

Subtitle: Greenwashing the greenwasher

Scott Hamilton, who impresses as a 'house nigger'* to the Labour Party to my eyes, tries to give legs in a recent series of tweets to a fable that the Green School is run by enlightened American capitalists trying to push a kinder capitalism. He lightly criticizes James Shaw (as Blairite) in the process but (probably deliberately) misses the meat in the sandwich. Both the Green School and Future Considerations, which was the outfit that Shaw 'worked' for when providing 'advice' to such outfits as HSBC, BP & Shell when based in London (I bet you he still spends half the year there) were raised by Big Oil. The reason that Shaw pushed for the Green School funding was because he was told to by his, and the Green Schools, oil industry funders. Shaw has never advised anybody, instead he's been trained to greenwash on behalf of the companies that Scott states are his clients.

Interesting that Scott Hamilton's father in law was involved with the Bali Green School outfit. I didn't see that one coming, Scott...

I will give James Shaw some credit too, he's not a full blown fascist like Marama Davidson, Golriz Ghahraman & Chloe Swarbrick are. He's not far away though.

But what Scott Hamilton is doing here, is greenwashing the greenwasher.

Where does that leave us? Julie Anne Genter has some oil connections too but at the moment she, as long as she dumps her 'transwomen are women' mantra and stops gaslighting the NZ electorate with it, is the Green's only currently redeemable MP. She's also the only one with any real achievements under her belt for the last three years.

.* if I may use this somewhat rude term in these so politically correct times on someone who is, as far as I know, 100% Pakeha. It's a somewhat rude way of saying that Scott is an in-house historian.

#climatechange #politics #mensrights

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