Don't forget to vote Dunedin

Don't forget to vote Dunedin...

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Vote #1 for Richard Seager I will put 21st Century non-car focused transport systems in place, address the debt issues, attend to equity of all of the citizens of Dunedin especially women whose franchise needs to be extended not denied, work at getting small market gardens, orchards and crops prioritized working with the farming community and others to do so and put the pressure on banks (both local and international) to finance this at very low interest rates. I will look at all housing options and work to move the State Highway and new hospital build to higher ground with the added benefits of better access and less disruption in the city. I will initiate an action plan for South Dunedin making sure that the local residents are informed and involved. I will visit all the sister cities of Dunedin as soon as practicable (and as sustainably as possible) starting with Otaru on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, with the intent of getting support for the above policies and co-operation regarding food production. I will also attempt to build strong relationships with other cities on the Pacific Rim and in the Pacific including those of our neighbours Southland and Canterbury.

I also have dual Australian/NZ citizenship so you can rely on me building relationships with Australia (I would say 'better relationships' but I don't think that there are any at the moment).

I am, as you can see above, also strongly in favour of more independence in local government which has some support in the local government act (2002).

Enrol and Vote You can still enrol to vote. The actual voting stops at noon on Saturday 12th October. Tomorrow, Tuesday 8th October, is the last day to vote by mail (in fact due to various factors in my view it’s too late to vote by mail with 100% security that your vote will count).

Enrolling How to enrol to vote – Friday the 11th November is the last day to enroll to vote for council elections. Tel. 0800 367656

Or at any Postshop, or at the city council library or the main council office in the Octagon. If you are returning enrollment forms you can also deliver to these places.

If you have printed out your enrolment form and want to send it back, you can actually upload it (probably at this stage the best way of sending it back);

Voting You need to be living at new address for 4 weeks to vote there. Otherwise you will to make a special vote. (I am unsure if you are allowed to vote using your previous address if you have only recently left).

Once you have filled out your voting form you will need to mail it by today (8th October) if you feel brave enough to trust it will make it on time or more reliably take it to the Elections office at the Council (off the Octagon) or to one of these;

The Civic Centre, the Octagon | Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm |Sat, 8.30am-12pm

Mosgiel Library | Mon, 11am-4pm, Fri, 1-4pm

University of Otago – the Link | Tues, 10am-4pm, Thurs, 10am-4pm

South Dunedin Library | Weds, 11am-4pm

You can drop papers off at the Book Bus ballot box, but you can’t make a special vote on the bus. Information on what a special vote is HERE

Once again the actual enrollment process (so as you can vote) can be done at any Postshop, or at the city council library or the main council office in the Octagon.

The candidates.

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