David Farrier, woke witch-hunter.

Subtitle: Someone needs a tickle.

David Farrier, whose movie from a few years ago 'Tickled' may have driven its main target to suicide is now rounding on Steve Elers of Massey University for resisting the use of pronouns and other crimes. He is doing so while supposedly maintaining his own moral rectitude. Woke or old style prude with a predilection for enforcing his will on others? Who am I to say...

Some on Twitter seem to be surprised at this 'recent turn'. Not me. Here's Farrier, urban Auckland Pakeha and in all likelihood significantly richer than Steve Elers (regional Maori) on punching down.

Personally I think that you can punch down on occasion but that if you take your equity, equality or anti-capitalism seriously then most of your punches should be upwards, David. Like this blog post for example. Are you going to try and cancel me?

Same day Update: David has succeeded in running Steve Elers out of his job at the Manawatu Guardian. I don't really see that he could have been able to do that without some serious firepower behind him. So he's not just punching down, he's punching down with powerful mates. Creep factor, keeping in mind the movie 'Tickled' and its impacts, is 10/10.

Here he is on this topic on his own blog, which you can't comment on unless you pay him, or if he gives you a free subscription I guess. So I've trolled him.


God he's a wanker. And a hypocrite.

#hypocriticalarseholes #politics #transgender

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