Chloe Swarbrick is queer

Subtitle: Dungarees make the lesbian

Despite still sharing an address on Green Party parliamentary returns with long-time beau Alex Catt (adult human male) Chloe Swarbrick (adult human female) claims to be in a queer relationship with a WA Green. Admittedly Chloe does spend a hell of a lot of time in Perth but when 'home' in Auckland seems to shack up with Alex still. Modern relationships aye? One could also wonder who owns the apartment that Chloe claims to rent.

Beau (mais il n'est pas beau) Alex Catt's company Virtual Blue Limited was also the recipient of a rather large contract in 2019 (a suitable year after Chloe had resigned from a few of his companies) from ECan which is a non-democratic government body in charge of Canterbury water. Nice tenders if you can get them. But one does wonder about the process, aye Alex?

Take a toke on that.

E hoa!

#politics #greensNZ #chloeswarbrick #sorryabouttheumlaut #queeringfascism

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