A vaccination agenda looking for a pandemic

Subtitle: Dethrone the Tsar.

Bill Gates has been pushing vaccines since 1999. He's done it while making himself out to be a philanthropist, with the media failing to point out his family's connections to eugenics in the past and failing to point out how well he's done financially from this 'philanthropy' and he has done very well indeed. He is the second biggest funder of the WHO after the United States and he gets to do it tax free. His wealth has increased multiple times since he started this crusade and 20 billion dollars in the last year. And it should probably be assumed that these estimates are very likely underestimating his wealth in the 'health' jurisdiction, so it's likely he's actually the richest man in the world, although that comes with the caveat that there is likely one or two, or more, non-reported trillionaires, likely by the name Rothschild. But I digress.

Quite clearly China is not the problem here, Gates is. That's not to say that China can't become the problem, Xinjiang points to that being a distinct possibility, but right now it's the West's billionaires who are the main problem with 90% of them (Soros, Stryker, Rothblatt etc) pushing transgender and 10% of them (Gates, likely others) pushing unnecessary mass vaccination. The probability that these (transgender & mass vaccination) are both eugenics driven is very high. Gates' orientation is definitely driven by a desire to reduce the world's population and he is on record in multiple places to that effect. It is hard to imagine that the same philosophy is not driving transgender which when take to its extreme (operations & hormones) results in sterilization.

Both of these billionaire programs therefore have to be stopped.

The following link is to a very good outline of the outbreak of the COVID hysteria.

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person's guide

Multiple sources to follow up there, most of them very good indeed. If you are not convinced after reading this that the last thing that we need is a mass vaccination effort, which is dangerous for the elderly and unnecessary (see below) for the young, then nothing is going to convince you and you are indeed lost. Or worse.

It's the data stupid

Scott Atlas on NY COVID cases

Swine flu scandal 2010

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