A perusal of that toxic platform this morning

Subtitle: Cruising the hate.

This morning I spent about 90 minutes having a look through Twitter feeds of various locals on the nzpol hashtag and not*. I spend more time off the platform than on it these days, partly due to its terrible attitude to those, like myself, who won't allow ourselves to be gaslit by the woke. So I was able to see a range of tweets I wouldn't have seen logged in, not to mention having the distraction of actually tweeting yourself.

Anyway here's the summary;

@shutthefridge – you are very good, Tracey, you should write more.

@TatsuyaIshida9 – I never knew and always assumed you were a woman. Respect!

David Cormack – various tweets, every tweet, god you're an idiot.

@Tom_Roud – pleased to meet you Tom. Rather odd to find someone who is genuine in their socialism these days and not just merely 'performing'.

Aaron Hawkins – various tweets, every tweet, god you're an idiot. Also don't slur others with your own downfalls, Aaron, or it might end up in court (no I'm not the one suing Otago University and I have no idea who is).

@LostArcNZ – you and Foxy, Scott, have sold your souls.

Ingrid Leary – are you still running for South Dunedin (aka Taieri) or have you gone back to Waiheke? Havn't seen you around.

The NZ Greens – your wealth tax is not a wealth tax, it's an extremely regressive tax on a generation who did not have much to do with putting their kids into lifelong rental properties, and who would have been just as happy if their houses were still worth 237k rather than just over a million. I hope that you lose so badly that your brand becomes as toxic as it deserves to be and takes down every current Green on your list with it.

@_chloeswarbrick – hopefully Auckland Central sends you to political oblivion which is still less than you deserve. Despite your attempts at wordiness and intellect you have almost no substance and your contempt for democracy shines through. You remind me of an Austrian in Munich about 1922 & quite obviously have the Oligarch approval to justify the comparison.

.* the hashtag doesn't seem to be in wide use these days, my point is that it was the NZ twittersphere users that I was looking at, and I have my own list of favourite tweeters for that.

#politics #nzpol

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