1 Grendon St, Maori Hill

Subtitle: That's a mighty big house Chris Staynes. Hope somebody doesn't blow it down.

Somebody has pointed out to me that the rather large building on Highgate in Maori Hill is actually councillor Chris Staynes new house. The same person said 'why does he need such a big house at his age?'

Indeed. The section is 801 m2 which is quite normal although purchased with a (now knocked down) house in 2017 for 650k (which nevertheless seems rather a cheap house for that position) but the new house, without having a close look at it, is probably a solid 500-600m2 house. It looks to be at least three stories in an area where the largest houses are two stories. My own thoughts on it over the last few years as it grew hidden behind a 'tent' was that it must have been an apartment building.

This needs a closer look. There seem to have been some unusual resource consents granted

it's a monstrosity in that area and Staynes needs to have been hands off on this one or he surely faces further questions. It's also got to be a few million dollar build. Others are commenting in the ODT on councilor salaries which are 70k or so.

It also has to be a big drag on energy. I'm glad I don't have to add it to my carbon footprint.

In other news, do those in charge of the Dunedin Hospital build have all their consents signed off yet? And have they figured out how to float their hospital yet? Rumours are, no surprise here when you're building in the 1860s harbour, that the piles are going down a long way. And did I hear a little birdy mentioning that the Chinese are quite adamant that the (at least) 1.4 billion dollar build should be theirs?

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