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Subtitle: Stop conspiring lads, and the conspiracies theorizing will too

There's absolutely zero doubt that at this stage of the Coronavirus “pandemic” that there are conspiracies aplenty. Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum and various other toffs are actively conspiring to figure out how to get as much of a leg-up as possible from this virus as it supposedly rampages around the world (albeit not actually pushing the overall death rate up anywhere). And that's not to mention lockdown policies looking like they were designed by Amazon, who like other corporate entities (well more truthfully their corporate shareholders) has shared in a 1 trillion dollar pay check from the pandemic which in turn was taken from the poorest of us, including very especially the small business sector.

So labeling the whole of the South Auckland community as conspiracy theorists for daring to maybe put some thought into why all the above is both true and questioning the vaccination agenda when they look to be first in line for vaccinations (which are experimental at best) is just wrong. And maybe a little too obvious benefit for the pharmaceutical industry (and you know, cui bono). Don't forget mRNA vaccinations are very experimental, long term impacts of the vaccination cannot be known and nor can it be assumed that such corporates as Pfizer, or indeed men such as Gates, are working for all of our benefit. That's not to mention the concerns already out there which include a warning to women to maybe freeze their eggs before getting a vaccination as the vaccination may compete with a placenta in a way that is not good for the placenta. Sure there's nothing to see here?

There are some very unpleasant truths for the supposed democracies of the West to face in the coming years or as a Russian business colleague put it to me “Yes, the corporate media, Big Pharma and the governments have a lot of explaining to do. A real unholy trinity”.

It's not just South Auckland, RNZ & other media, 25% plus of us want nothing to do with the vaccination agenda that you're helping to push. So take your accusations of conspiracy theorists packing the evangelical churches of South Auckland and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Maybe instead you could do a critical story on Siouxsie Wiles who is the recipient of 5 million USD of Bill Gates' money via his foundation.

#politics #covid #pandemic #bullshit #capitalismsucks

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Subtitle: Gaslighting again

Dan Andrews is definitely less likeable than Jacinda Ardern. This though does not mean that Ardern can enact the same policies and get away with it, it just means that every time that she does so, she will lose more support. This current Auckland lockdown is definitely a 'Dan' occasion. Not only is it an over the top reaction to one extra case in the community of the most over hyped virus ever but Ardern has also copied Andrews in attempting to blame a member of the public for it. That person is only 21 years old, so I wonder how Ardern would have handled a PM (let's say some jerk like Tony Blair) blaming her for something similar 20 years ago. It's disgraceful behaviour Ms Be Kind.

You're being a jerk, Jacinda. You're also failing to make good on some signs that you've seen the light. Lockdowns don't do any good at all.

#politics #aotearoa #covid #covidhysteria

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Subtitle: Gimme helter skelter

Gimme Shelter is another one of my favourite songs and like Paint it Black it's a Rolling Stones song. I'm not quite sure how to weave it into Brian Jones' orbit but for sure he must have had a lot to do with it as Richards & Jagger have never even been adequate songwriters let alone geniuses able to come up with something as superb as this. Jones, on the other hand, was able to even if unattributed.

You see once you get beyond the propaganda of the bratty glimmer twins then a pretty face was by far the least of Jones' attributes even if it was one of the main reasons that led to his murder (together with money). Jealousy is (I guess) stronger if you're a mediocrity in the presence of a pretty boy genius, right Keef & Mick?

Here someone (I think that it's Bernard Fowler) does a better vocal version than Jagger has ever done (outside the studio) of Gimme Shelter. Side eye – Richards is just such a fucking goon.

And it really is far beyond time that Jagger & Richards paid for their involvement in Jones' murder, and murder it most definitely was and involved they definitely were. Sue me, glimmer brats.

And Klein son, you pay too as your wealth was built by your father who was a murdering mafia scumbag. I count three that he was involved in, Jones of course (Jagger & Richards have no talent for anything), Sam Cooke before that and Lennon afterwards (yep, I noticed).

If Brian Jones had lived longer than a month after leaving the Rolling Stones? (he left in early June 69, was dead by early July 69). We'd know him as a musical genius, because he was. He would have won all court cases with the other band members, which would have included his rights to the use of the Rolling Stones name & trademark. Jagger and Richards would have quickly caved to try and save their names from becoming mud. But we'd still be aware of all of the ways that Jagger, Richards & Andrew Loog Oldham had tried to screw Jones over even before that shit Allen Klein became involved.

We'd also probably know Honky Tonk Woman as a Jones song from 69. It's likely that Angie is his too and all the songs he was working on in July 69 and earlier went missing after he was murdered. Some, or maybe even all, of them are probably very familiar to us. A single, likely Honky Tonk Woman, was due to be released in the days after his death. In the end it never was.

Did I hear you say 'motive'?

#politics #murder #brianjones

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Subtitle: Plato you bastard

Interesting tweet, women in the Pashtun are forgotten in death. Truth is that all the Abrahamic religions are drawn of the same cloth, and that cloth is of Plato's making, removing the women gods for some good ol' blame.

Probably should screen snap that as Twitter will undoubtedly ban her soon enough.

And yes your religion is either Greek (Penteteuch), Roman (Bible) or Persian (Koran) but it matters not, as at the time it was all of the same milieu. The inspiration for all was of the Greek Classics. Oh and Greek history. Don't believe me? Have another look.

#politics #feminism

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Subtitle: Golly Grant, talk about being triggered

Grant Robertson has pulled out of his weekly spot on Magic Talk with claims of conspiracies. I wonder why Grant is triggered by such talk....

The reality is of course that 'The Great Reset' is promoted from here to kingdom come via various elites including the World Economic Forum that you'd kind of expect a Finance Minister to know something about. But oh no, not Grant, fingers in ears, conspiracies, conspiracies, conspiracies.

Robertson is an idiot.

Magic Talk Reset

#politics #Labour #conspiracies #thegreatreset

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Subtitle: Even a stopped cock is right twice a day.

Morgan Godfery hits most of the right buttons in this article, except for the recommendation of a non-elected agency (like ECan I assume) at the bottom. Nevertheless he's right on the money in regards to Aaron Hawkins and Sandy Graham. Totally normal behavior from Aaron, who couldn't lead a horse to (unleaded) water, but it is truly disgraceful that Graham didn't even see fit to turn up.

I'd disagree about the moodiness too Morgan, but I quibble.

Completely off topic, or is it, but I must pop into Kawerau next time I'm in the BOP.

As an aside I really wanted to go to this meeting but on that Friday afternoon we were on our way to our summer holiday north of there and the 6 hour return trip back to Waikouaiti didn't enthuse me and a 4 or 5 hour stop in Waikouaiti on the way through didn't enthuse my family. And I was just a few days back from 3 months in Australia/Isolation. So we drove through instead.

#politics #aaronhawkins #dcc #water

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Subtitle: it's like he got turned into a heap of ash or something?

The strange thing about Sunil was that he hung out with early members of the “Trans Women are women” (TWAW) club, did, or redid, the websites for Renee Gerlich (not TWAW) and Julie Anne Genter (TWAW) and just generally pretended to be on the side of gender critical women (i.e. not TWAW). We (me and him) were never online friends. I have no idea why as I'm quite likeable really.

His online profile, which was elusive, was just bonkers.

And he was also prone to a little (attempted) manipulation when required.

I wonder if @BenjaminAsh11 knows where he's gone?

And wtf has happened to Renee Gerlich?

#politics #feminism #feminismforwoke #transgender

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Subtitle: A thesis looking for evidence

Siouxsie Wiles with her full and early support of transgender, her cosy access to the New Zealand media (which has given us wall to wall Siouxsie nonsense commentary on COVID over the last 12 or so months) and Wiles' keenness to diss those scientists with opposing opinions immediately that they express them all strongly suggest that someone like Gates is sponsoring her.

She has admitted getting a Gates grant for her tuberculosis research but says it was over a decade ago and for only three years.

My own research has found the following grant which was in fact for (just over) five years and for the significant sum of $4,846,878 USD, a very generous grant even for Gates. It's quite possible that Wiles' current evangelizing bollocks is also part of this very large grant.

BTW one possibility with Wiles' missing thesis is that her thesis is under 'MI6' lock and key. She did get a first class honours BSc degree from Edinburgh & she was at CEH in Oxfordshire in 1997. If she does in fact have a thesis, then it would very likely be on Tuberculosis and Gates is basically funding Wiles in the tuberculosis domain, a bacterial disease that has mostly been dealt to.

You've been warned. But I still think that the evidence points to there not being a Wiles thesis and therefore no PhD.

In regards to her batshit comic book COVID commentary with Toby Moron, viruses and bacteria are of course two completely different things. For one thing Bacteria is a living organism whereas viruses arn't (it's an argument but obviously you can see which side I'm on). Viruses are basically a bit of code that needs your cells to replicate or indeed to be of any import at all. And there is some thought that retroviruses such as COVID are not even viruses. Wiles doesn't know anything about viruses, her specialty is bacteria. How much of a specialty? I don't know, but from interactions over the last year or so, she gives me the impression that she's forgotten a lot of stuff that she learnt in her BSc, let alone any possible postgrad. She is not worth 30 seconds of anybody's time. Woke rots the brain.

#politics #whopaysthepiper #siouxsiew #siouxsiewiles #vaccinationagenda #morons

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Subtitle: the best journalist around

If you can donate to Julian, she's the best journalist around at the moment. That in itself is not a great compliment in today's world, but Julian really is a very good journalist too. One of the rare journalists not to have sold their soul.

And connects COVID & transgender (and very real climate change) just as I do. Most of those commenting on the utter batshittery of transgender and its links to the Pharmaceutical industry, who of course also have a vaccination agenda, are not going that extra little bit. But it is undeniably there.

#politics #journalism #transgender #covid #woke

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Subtitle: Quack, quack.

I'd really like to leave Siouxsie alone for a while but for chrissakes, who the hell told her that having the quack....sorry 'psycho therapist' Karl MacDonald on a podcast/youtube interview was a good idea?

dumbing down science one quack interview at a time

It's mad, just mad.

#politics #dumbasanox #quacks #siouxsie

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